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 Megan Lyons, Harvard graduate and management consultant turned Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and owner of The Lyons’ Share Wellness, brings you Wellness Your Way. Each week, she offers tips and tricks to get physically, emotionally, and mentally healthier in YOUR way. Wellness Your Way delivers the best takeaways from thousands of individual clients, and sets you on your unique path to feeling your very best. From health news you can use to product reviews, the show offers tactical strategies YOU can use to improve your health, happiness, and quality of life.

So grab a mug of tea or lace up your walking shoes; let’s dive in!

E.1: Getting Back on Track with your Health Goals

This episode covers:

  • Why Vitamin D is more important than ever during COVID-19
  • A product recommendation for my favorite source of electrolytes
  • A guide to being easily able to restart your goals when you get off track
  • Two listener Q and A’s giving you more information about how much water to drink and the importance of finding what works for YOU!

Click HERE to Listen to E.1: The Veggies of the Matter!

Links I mentioned during this episode:

After listening to this episode:

  • Think of 1 thing that you’d like to recommit to.
  • Forgive yourself for getting off track.
  • What can you learn?
  • Why do you want to achieve this?
  • What can you do within the next hour, literally, to get closer to this goal?
  • How would it serve you to adjust goal going forward?
  • Do you believe you can achieve this? Pump yourself up! If not, go back to your why.
  • How will you stay accountable? Get a friend? Set calendar reminders?
E.2: How to Order Take Out (and Eat at Restaurants) Healthily

This episode covers:

  • A study comparing rapid weight loss to gradual weight loss
  • A product that is KEY to my sugar cravings
  • How to eat healthily when eating at restaurants or ordering take out
  • Two listener Q and A’s giving you more information about which types of exercise give you the most bang for your buck, as well as two book recommendations! 

Links I mentioned during this episode:

How to take action after listening to this episode:

  • Think of a restaurant you regularly order from, and mentally adjust your order to follow the BDD and MVP rules.
  • Next time you order from that restaurant, follow the rules and tag me on social media so I can cheer you on and offer feedback!

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