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book recommendations

The 10 Best Books I Read in 2018

You likely already know that I love reading.  In fact, I often say that if I could create a dream job (aside from the one I already have!), I’d have it revolve around reading.  That said, entrepreneurship is busy, and it’s easy to not make time to get in the things you love but don’t…

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How Stress is Impacting Your Life & Health

We all live busy lives, and we all have stressful things happen sometimes. Fortunately or unfortunately, that’s just part of life these days, and a little bit of stress (with recovery in between) actually has some benefits for our health.  But significant, chronic stress is so detrimental to our health, that I believe it’s one…

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2017 recap video the lyons share

2017 Recap and Thank You

The video says it all … THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! A few things I mentioned: Lyons’ Share Coaching Academy Lyons’ Share Reset starting January 8th January Shape Up starting January 27th Book Megan Lyons as a speaker for your business or organization Free Coaching Friday videos on YouTube The Lyons’ Share Health Coaching…

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Small Things, and 2015 Thank You!

Happy Motivation Monday!  Today we’re going to focus on not sweating the small stuff, while ensuring that we enjoy the little things. I was thinking this morning about two motivational thoughts, that at first seem to conflict, but that can actually support each other well. The first is something that my grandmother always used to say ……

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Be A Dreamer

Today is the Boston Marathon, a historic and exciting day for everyone in the running community, so for Motivation Monday today, I had to choose a quote by a runner!  I love this quote from Lauren Fleshman, one of my favorite American runners: Regardless of whether you are a runner or not, this quote can apply to your…

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