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Join The 8% Team for Accountability to Reach Your Health Goals!

Did you know that 92% of people fail to reach – and stick with – their health goals?  It’s time to change that, and I have the tactics, strategies, and support system designed to help you be part of the 8%. Welcome to The 8% Team: a group of goal achievers, supportive and encouraging mentors,…

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why mix up workouts

7 Reasons Why You Should Mix Up Your Workouts

Today I’ve got a special guest post from my friend Natalie Wolfe. Learn more about Natalie, and her amazing app StudioHop, below the post! Yoga. Pilates. Barre. CrossFit. Running. Stretching. Walking. Spin. HIIT. There are so many fitness options these days, but how do you choose just one? Answer: you don’t. Although varying up your…

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tips for working out while traveling

Flashback Post: Tips for Working Out While Traveling

This is a flashback to a post I wrote in 2013 (before I left my consulting job, and was still traveling weekly for work!) Hope you enjoy this revamp – just in time for spring break! Many of you have asked how to squeeze in workouts while traveling, and this is something I have a…

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health goals

One Major Thing Holding You Back from Achieving Your Health Goals

When I asked you last week on Instagram, 84% of you said you do (or want to!) set New Year’s Resolutions.  What a bunch of go-getters you are – I love that!  Still, 80% of Resolutions are trashed by the beginning of February (which is part of the reason I prefer the term “goals” to…

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Top 10 Last-Minute Healthy Holiday Gifts

Confession: I am the worst at buying gifts.  I love making other people happy, and I consider myself very generous, but it stresses me out tremendously to think about finding “the perfect gift,” getting things ready and wrapped on time, and ensuring that the recipient loves whatever I chose.  So here I am today, December…

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