Fueling or Feeling?

10-Day Emotional Eating Challenge

If you’ve ever found yourself with your hand in the bag of M&Ms because you’re stressed about a work deadline, or plowing through a bag of chips because you’re feeling bad for yourself, join the club.  Many of us eat emotionally, and while it’s nothing to be ashamed about, it’s also frustrating, disempowering, and certainly doesn’t actually solve our problems.

Discover what you’re
really hungry for.

The newest Lyons’ Share 10-Day Emotional Eating Challenge is here to help! Through daily challenges, interactive worksheets, an information-packed handbook, support in exclusive community forums, live coaching calls with Megan, and more, you’ll have all the support you need to conquer your emotional cravings and improve your relationship with food.

The 10-Day Challenge begins February 16th - What are you waiting for?








You’ll be uplifted by other participants in our exclusive community, be motivated by daily prizes
(totaling over $1000 in value!), and be encouraged by your daily victories!

Gain freedom from emotional eating once and for all!

Learn how to stop numbing emotions with food and start savoring what’s on your plate in a supportive, fun, and information-packed community environment!