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You likely already know how important my morning routine is to my health, positivity, productivity, and happiness.  If you don’t, you can read more about why it’s important to me here, and you can read about what I actually do during my morning routine here.  But there’s a missing piece … once you know why, and you know how … how do you actually make it happen?  Today, I’m sharing my best morning routine tips … the ways to get yourself excited to wake up and do the things you know are best for you.  Here are my tips to supercharge your morning routine.

  1. Ditch the snooze button. Let me tell you, I used to be a SNOOZE QUEEN.  Yes, the all capitals are fully deserved here.  I distinctly remember allowing time for nine (NINE!) snoozes back in my consulting days (did you know that, from 2007-2013, I was a management consultant?).  When I moved in with Kevin, though, he banished the snooze, and I am SO grateful for that.  Even though snoozing feels good in the moment, I think it has two major problems (aside from waking up your partner).  First, it symbolizes that you just aren’t excited for your life.  Dramatic, I know, but I believe this.  We retreat to the comfort, safety, and security of our bed, where no one is bothering us and there isn’t anything to get done … when we are dreading what goes on outside in the real world.  Think of a kid on Christmas morning … he bounces out of bed just thrilled for what is to come.  What if you had that feeling every day?  I don’t think you’d snooze!Second, the quality of sleep you’re getting while snoozing is just not good.  You’d be FAR better off just setting your alarm for the later time, not even playing games with yourself.  If you’re committed to getting up on time, only set one alarm.  If you’re worried you’ll sleep through something important without snooze, well, you’ll only do it once before realizing that you’re serious about your commitment to this.  Give it a try … it’s life changing!
  2. Cozy up. Now you’re out of bed – way to go!  Good news – you don’t have to escape comfort.  Having a morning routine that feels cozy and comfortable is a great way to ease into the day.  When it’s nice outside, I sit on the balcony outside of my home office and enjoy the outdoors.  When it’s too cold or rainy, I’ll sit in a chair in my office with a special pink blanket that my husband’s grandmother knitted me.  The chair and the blanket aren’t used for anything else – they symbolize to me that it’s time to focus on myself and flood myself with positivity.  If you can have a blanket, area, chair, or anything else that feels really great, you’re more likely to want to go there.
  3. Choose a non-negotiable. I’m willing to wake up as early as 4am to get in my morning routine, and I’m committed to making the full routine happen almost no matter what.  But, there are some days that are just so packed that I’d have to wake up before 4 to get it done, and I’m not willing to let it go all together.My compromise is this: on every. Single. Day. (vacation, busiest day ever, super sick, you name it), I will think of three things I’m grateful for, and I will take 5 intentional, slow breaths.  Since I started my gratitude practice in 2013, I haven’t skipped a day of this, because it’s literally possible  no matter what.  Anyone (yes, I mean you) has time for ONE MINUTE of time to yourself in the day … you just have to prioritize it.So, think of one or two things you can squeeze into that minute to be your non-negotiables.  Having a simple but non-negotiable option helps you get in the habit of a morning routine.  Once you feel so off if you skip it (like, if you skipped brushing your teeth or drinking your coffee), you’ll know it’s truly a habit.
  4. Communicate with your family or roommates. When my pink blanket and Pepper Planer are out, my husband (and even my dogs!) know that it’s time for introspection.  I get it – babies don’t understand.  But kids do.  Partners do.  Roommates do.  If you communicate clearly that you need a few minutes each morning to yourself, those you love will respect it.  If you don’t communicate, though, you’ll surely be interrupted.
  5. Blast some positive music. The very first part of my morning routine starts while I’m taking my dogs for a walk or letting them out in the backyard (yes, they wake up bright  and early with me, too!).  Because I’m still half asleep, the positive music helps put a smile on my face and prepares me to dive in deeper as I start my morning routine.  I highly recommend making a playlist that makes you happy. You’re welcome to use mine, but, be warned, I’m a bit cheesy!  This is an awesome compilation of music by friends like Brotha James, songs that remind me of happy memories, and songs that just pump me up or bring me peace.
  6. Write it down. Of course, my favorite tool EVER is my Pepper Planner – it’s so nice to have my gratitude journal, morning routine checklist, #1 goal of the day, daily planner, weekly goals, and so much more all in one. I LOVE IT (but clearly, I’m biased!).  Regardless of whether you want a Pepper Planner or anything else, I highly encourage you to write something down each day.  Here are a few things to try out:
    • 3 things you’re grateful for
    • #1 goal for the day
    • 3 things that went well yesterday
    • 1 big dream that you want to manifest for the future
  7. Find your why. Why are you doing a morning routine, anyway? And no, “Megan says so” is not a motivating response.  Having a why so deep that it’s nearly impossible to skip is a surefire way to make your morning routine more consistent.  My why?  I’ve struggled with pessimism, anxiety, and tons of negative talk in my head for years.  If I’m not intentional about infusing positivity into my life, any of those can spiral back in pretty quickly.  But when I start my day with my morning routine, I feel positive, grateful, at peace, and ready to tackle my goals.  I’m more productive, energized, focused, fun to be around, and SO much more.  And THAT is worth a few minutes every morning.

Now it’s your turn … What are your best morning routine tips?  What’s your favorite part of your morning routine?


  1. Ozlem

    I realized that you already mentioned the color! :)) Pink.

    • Megan Lyons

      Yes! It’s my favorite blanket and so cozy!

  2. Ozlem

    I love how you use your blanket that your husband’s grandmother knitted for you, and chair only for specific purpose. I am also curious what color the blanket is 🙂


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