Programs & Challenges

Fall Reset Mockup
10 Day Reset LIVE - Prep Week Starts September 3!


Begins on Sept. 10 (but prep begins on Sept. 3!) Join Megan for the annual Fall Reset. Get daily live advice and Q&A, motivate and encourage your peers in the Facebook group - limited time only!

10 Day Reset


Take control of  your health in just 10 days! This guided program will help you eliminate inflammatory foods, and create healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Lyons' Share Coaching Academy


Are you looking to start your own coaching business? My coaching academy gives you a step by step guide through logistics, how to manage your products and clients, marketing strategies, and more.


Meal Planning Mastery
Meal Planning Mastery


This webinar dives into the ins and outs of meal planning- why you should do it, how to do it effectively, and loads of tips and tricks. Includes printable meal planning template.

Labels Webinar Mockup
Confused? Here's What You Need to Know About Reading Labels


Trying to pick up a healthy snack, and get a headache just looking at the protein bar aisle? Hear your friend tell you to look at sodium on a food label ... but you've always looked at calories?

Popular Diets Webinar
Making Sense of Popular Diets


Are your friends struggling with the keto diet, or doing Whole30 and unable to go to any restaurants? Are these trendy diets necessary for your best health?

Online Course Mockup
Healthy Green Smoothies 101


Tired of feeling hungry after a "healthy" smoothie? This webinar comes with 20 healthy and filling smoothie recipes, the magic method for the perfect smoothie, and more!

Online Course Mockup
Top 7 Reasons You May Be Bloated (and what to do about it!)


Bloated? Have that feeling that something’s just “not quite right” with your digestion? This webinar is for you! Learn the common causes of bloating, and how you can get back to feeling better.

Meal Plans

Athletic Meal Plan
7 Day Meal Plan: Athletic


This 7 day meal plan is perfect for anyone who works out 3 or more hours per week. It is gluten and dairy free, and is an 11 page instant download complete with recipes, a grocery list, and more.

Family Meal Plan Mockup
7 Day Meal Plan: Family of 4


This 7 day meal plan is perfect for a family of 4 (but it can be scaled!) It is gluten and dairy free, and is a 17 page instant download complete with recipes, a grocery list, and more.