healthy school lunches

7 Healthy School Lunches to Pack for Your Kids (or Yourself!)


When I work with entire families through my Health Coaching practice, we often have several sessions devoted to helping the kids take ownership for their own health.  Not only is this critical to ensure they keep up the habits over the long term, but it’s also fun!  With many clients, I review the online school…

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best health podcasts

My Top 25 Podcast Recommendations (Health, Business, Personal Development, and more!)


I am all about continuous growth, learning, and squeezing as much as possible into each waking moment, and there’s one secret that helps me do all of those every single day.  Podcasts!  Podcasts are a great way to fill down time, get up-to-date information quickly, keep yourself challenged, and have fun!  I often get asked…

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How to Store Vegetables (to Reduce Waste and Improve Taste!)


One thing you likely already know about me is that I buy a lot of vegetables.  In fact, I love it when the grocery store clerk asks me how many people I’m feeding, and I get the chance to pipe in that I eat 8-12 servings of vegetables each day!  But one thing you may…

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health benefits of vegetables

Flashback Post: Vegetables for Life, Literally


This is a reblog of this post from 2014 about the health benefits of vegetables. Surprise- I still love vegetables, and I still believe they are one of the most fundamental parts of a healthy lifestyle. Today I’m bringing this post back from the archives with some updates for 2018. Enjoy!     Sometimes I…

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Top 7 Weekend Health Tips

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Do you ever feel as if you’re crushing your health goals and feeling amazing during the week … only to take a few steps backward and end the weekend feeling like you need another whole weekend to “get back on track”?  Trust me, I’m all about enjoying the weekend, and I never suggest being so…

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