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Megan is just great. She’s had a tremendously positive influence on my health and overall well-being, improving it in a way that I had tried many different times and in many different ways to do alone, but was unable to. She definitely knows the nutrition science/content but more importantly, she knows people well. She helps you uncover the root causes of whatever is holding you back and then helps you put a plan together to change it. Bit by bit, nudge by nudge, you’ll be transformed. Of course, that takes work on your part – she can’t (and won’t) MAKE you do it. Her approach is positive and encouraging and she helps you maintain your motivation by reminding you of your goals, why you are doing this in the first place, breaking down the journey and focusing on the future (and not letting you beat yourself up over mistakes.) I have a high bar and I’ve tried a lot of different trainers, dieticians, and programs – Megan beat them all hands-down.

Brian A.


My husband and I started working with Megan 18 months ago. After a lifetime of trying to manage my health, weight and fitness in unhealthy ways, she cracked the code. I feel better than I ever have. Her approach was tailored to my needs and was holistic. From educating us about food choices and fitness goals to getting my mind right with mindfulness , gratitude and daily meditation. She also helped me address the impacts of stress, lack of sleep, and hormones! 

Our kids have gotten with the program as well, reading labels, staying away from processed foods, Sunday meal planning. What an positive impact on all of us.

I would recommend her to anyone who want to improve their health and wellbeing!

Laura D.


If I could give Megan more than 5 stars, I would! I will admit that I was initially skeptical, I didn’t know what to expect and nothing has worked for me in the past. My mind has been blown! Wow! I believe 110% in Megan and what she does. She is beyond knowledgeable! The amount of time Megan spends researching and helping you find solutions that work for YOU is incredible. She doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach and that is what I have truly appreciated most. She gets to know you, what your habits and lifestyle are, then tailors a program that works for best for YOU. You can tell this is her passion and she truly believes in her clients and genuinely wants to do all she can to help them be successful. I’m a full believer and I’m so excited to continue on this journey with The Lyons’ Share. You are amazing!

Our kids have gotten with the program as well, reading labels, staying away from processed foods, Sunday meal planning. What an positive impact on all of us.

I would recommend her to anyone who want to improve their health and wellbeing!

Tracy W.



I don’t even have adequate vocabulary to express what a tremendous help Megan has been to me. I started working with her to gain control over emotional eating. I was thinking I would get tips on how to curb cravings or something. Oh no! It was SO much better and deeper than that! Megan and I dug in and found the source of emotional eating. We worked on that, and the emotional eating went away without my even noticing it. She is the most positive, encouraging, empathetic person. Working with her has enhanced my quality of life tremendously. I will forever be grateful to her. I can honestly say- it has changed my life. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is worth her weight in gold!

Ashley M.


I could not possibly say enough positive things about Megan.  I started with her solely to lose a few stubborn pounds.  What I came away with was SOOOO much more than that.  I learned to really and truly think about food as fuel as opposed to associating it as being bad or good or thinking about rewarding myself with food.  I felt that I had a healthy understanding of nutrition already but I actually had quite a bit to learn!  I saw my bloodwork improve drastically in just a few months!  She’s been a blessing to me and my family.  We are all healthier because of her help and motivational words.

Audra S.


My husband and I have always worked hard at living a healthy lifestyle – from eating well to maintaining good exercise habits. Despite what we felt were our best efforts, we weren’t seeing results from what we felt was a significant amount of work to keep up with. Megan made things easy to apply, breaking our goals into actionable items that we continue to follow without much effort required – an amazing change from the slog we faced before we met her. We can follow some relatively simple guidelines, which enables us to eat well at home or make good choices at restaurants without feeling restricted. This was all very important, especially considering medical challenges which made things a bit more complicated. All of this was thanks to Megan, her support, endless options, and real caring. I would not hesitate to recommend Megan to anyone I know. The experience was life changing.

Ariel S.



I pride myself on being a very balanced and clean eating individual; however, over the last year I started experiencing digestive issues.  Megan almost immediately was able to provide insight on what might be causing my digestive issues and was able to recommend what could help. That along with other small, but impactful recommendations and I feel great! 

She does a great job of helping you set small, attainable goals, for the week, as well as suggestions of how you can implement them. 

I couldn’t be happier with my experience!

Ann R.


I recently finished the Refocus program and was beyond impressed with the transformation Megan helped me achieve!
Megan started by helping me implement small diet changes that immediately enhanced my energy throughout the day and stopped my nightly craving for sweets. Then, she worked on teaching me how to create my own meals that would keep me feeling full throughout the day. Every change she suggested has been simple and easy to implement. I was so surprised at how the diet changes could be implemented to my busy lifestyle, especially when on the road.

I’ve never felt better after this program and I want to send a huge thank you to Megan for helping me gain control of my health and making me feel confident again!

Kendall M.


Megan is a lifesaver!  She is kind, compassionate and highly educated in all things nutrition.  She does not have a “one size fits all” approach or “here, do this diet” advice.  Quite the opposite!  She listens to how you live, your schedule, what you currently enjoy eating, etc., then works collaboratively with you to find a plan that specifically works for your lifestyle – whether you’re young or old, single or juggling a family, cook frequently or never enter the kitchen……she will find a way to make eating healthy fit into your life, one doable step at a time.  Couldn’t recommend her any higher!

Elizabeth M.


Other Programs

I have admired and seen Megan’s excellent work now from afar, (her book is excellent, Start Here: 7 Easy, Diet-Free Steps to Achieve Your Ultimate Health and Happiness), from knowing other extremely satisfied clients and from using her personally to come alongside me.  MEGAN IS A GEM!  She cares so much about meeting each client’s needs and she recognizes that her counsel will differ depending on the client. She tailors her wisdom to fit you and your lifestyle.  She is so incredibly smart, crazy knowledgeable, listens well and is unusually approachable.  Megan makes you feel comfortable and safe from the start.  I am a fitness professional and she has made a huge impact on my mindset, taking my game to the next level and helping me make some needed changes.  Whether you need a major overhual or some tweaking, do yourself a favor and contact Megan.  HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Meredith B.

10-Day Resets, The 8% Team, Uplevel Together Mastermind

Megan worked with me to find the strategies that fit my lifestyle. No gimmicks or fads; instead I got real life solutions that last forever. As a result, I live *better* on all levels. I’m happier because I am healthier. And I am a better wife, mother, athlete, and professional because I feel better from the inside out. Megan is knowledgable but more importantly, she knows how to *share* her knowledge with you and put it to work for *you*. I’ve never even met her in person–yet: she is the master of e-coaching. So wherever you are in the world, wherever you are on your health journey, Megan is waiting for you!

Victoria P.

10-Day Resets, Color Up, Fueling or Feeling

I can’t stop telling everyone in my life about Megan and her 10-day reset program. I learned so much about self-compassion, nutrition, diet culture, exercise and food prep/planning. She was consistently available throughout the reset and no question was too big or too small. Megan truly cares about her clients and will always celebrate you and your victories! I feel confident that I can continue to live a healthier life moving forward. So grateful!!

Lex S.

10-Day Reset

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