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I don’t even have adequate vocabulary to express what a tremendous help Megan has been to me. I started working with her to gain control over emotional eating. I was thinking I would get tips on how to curb cravings or something. Oh no! It was SO much better and deeper than that! Megan and I dug in and found the source of emotional eating. We worked on that, and the emotional eating went away without my even noticing it. She is the most positive, encouraging, empathetic person. Working with her has enhanced my quality of life tremendously. I will forever be grateful to her. I can honestly say- it has changed my life. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is worth her weight in gold!

Ashley M.

Megan is an amazing communicator, and on top of that she knows her stuff about nutrition and exercise.

She was great at listening to what I was currently doing and via the Reset, really helped me start my work towards me getting to where I want to be.

Her Reset was really a wake up call for me. I thought I kind of ate healthy, but when given the constraints of the Reset to live by for just 10 days I was forced to realize just what I had been actually doing with my eating. The Reset was tough but my bodies response was immediate.

Stephen B.

Megan worked with me to find the strategies that fit my lifestyle. No gimmicks or fads; instead I got real life solutions that last forever. As a result, I live *better* on all levels. I’m happier because I am healthier. And I am a better wife, mother, athlete, and professional because I feel better from the inside out. Megan is knowledgable but more importantly, she knows how to *share* her knowledge with you and put it to work for *you*. I’ve never even met her in person–yet: she is the master of e-coaching. So wherever you are in the world, wherever you are on your health journey, Megan is waiting for you!

Victoria P.

I have been working with Megan for years now in all types of capacities! She is so fantastic at keeping you motivated to meet your health goals, while not being judgmental if you slip up. I feel like she’s half therapist, all life coach but also an insanely intelligent and VERY knowledgeable nutritionist. I even moved back to New York and still work with Megan. She has “team” programs that are really awesome too. I did her 8% team and her 10 day reset and they are soooo well put together with a fantastic community and they WORK!

Abby W.

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