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Through personalized, one-on-one health coaching, I help people achieve their healthiest and happiest selves by finding the balance of nutrition and fitness that works for their unique body.  I empower busy people who successfully balance work, family, social life, and many other commitments, but who struggle with their health, to finally reach their goals and feel confident about their bodies.

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Is Fat Bad? (Benefits of Healthy Fat & How Much You Should Eat Daily!)

Is Fat Bad? (Benefits of Healthy Fat & How Much You Should Eat Daily!)

Do you remember when the “low-fat” and “fat-free” craze rocked the nutrition world?  The 1990s and 2000s were peppered with low-fat products, encouraging us to eat as much as we wanted because they were fat-free (implying that, of course, fat that you eat makes you...

Which Non-Dairy Milk is Best?

Which Non-Dairy Milk is Best?

Do you remember 10 years ago, how coffee shops had only half & half or fat-free milk?  How oat milk ice cream and plant-based cheese and soy milk and almond yogurt and cashew cream cheese hardly even existed?  I do, and while I roll my eyes at many trends, I’m so...

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