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The Lyons’ Share Approved Healthy Travel Snacks

Traveling can make it particularly difficult to find healthy food, and we tend to snack more than we might at home. Prepare to travel healthily with this grab and go travel snack guide!

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20 "Healthy" Foods Debunked

Need help navigating those seemingly healthy foods that are actually not that great for you and your health goals?

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50-Day Revitalize Your Health Challenge

The 50-Day Revitalize Your Health Challenge gives you a new health challenge every day, for 50 days!  It’s a great way to keep things exciting and fun, and help you improve your health bit by bit in a sustainable, empowering, and FUN way!

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FREE 7-Day Meal Plan - A Week in the Life of a Healthy Eater

FREE 7-Day Meal Plan to help you feel energized, improve digestion, sleep better, and improve health!

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Seasonal Produce Guide

This free seasonal produce guide will help you create your meal plan using the freshest ingredients available by always knowing what’s in season. I’m a big believer in a veggie-first approach to nutrition, and this guide will help you make it that much easier!

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20 Lyons' Share Approved Snack & Beverage Swaps

Here are some healthiER alternatives to keep your body feeling great without giving up the things you love.

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Subtract Sugar Challenge

I’ve found that many people, myself included, struggle with a raging sweet tooth.
This challenge is designed to help kick the habit! It is evergreen… you can save it and start YOUR challenge whenever you’re ready! 

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Approved Restaurant Guide

Do you need help making healthy choices at your favorite restaurants?

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Morning Routine Challenge

Want an extra boost to put some new habits into place and actually get your morning routine started? 

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20 Tips to Boost Energy Quickly

Download this fun list of 20 easy ways to boost your energy quickly! Some are obvious, but some may just surprise you!

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Late Night Snacking Quiz

Find yourself late night snacking, no matter how resolute you are at the beginning of the day? Late night snacking can have several causes- find out which type of late night snacker you are, and get some great tips to help!

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