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You know I’m big on meal planning (and if you didn’t know, check out my Instagram page, this post on the benefits of meal planning, this one on how to renew your commitment to meal planning, or this one on how to save time while food prepping)!  And I know that many of you will join me in meal planning and food prep in the coming weeks.  YAY for you!!

If you’re motivated to choose healthy options, but just not sure which healthy recipes to put on your meal plan, look no further!  Here are 11 healthy meal plan recipes to try in 2021!


  1. Green Shakshuka: a twist on one of my favorite one-pan meals made with tons of greens!

    Credit: Anita Schecter – The Spruce Eats

  2. Spicy Tofu Scramble with Mushrooms and Bell Peppers: looking for a vegan option that tastes like eggs? You’ve got it!
  3. Paleo Meal Prep Breakfast Bowls: customize to what you like, and enjoy a tasty and filling breakfast!
  4. Paleo Breakfast Chicken Casserole: a twist on my all-time favorite breakfast casserole from this post, this looks amazing!
  5. Paleo Pumpkin “Oatmeal”: because sometimes you just need a bowl of oatmeal, even if you’re not eating oats right now!

Lunch and Dinner:

  1. Healthy Orange Chicken Stir-Fry: if you got a little too hooked on take out and are ready for the healthier homemade version!

    Credit: Ambitious Kitchen

  2. Mediterranean Cauliflower Rice Skillet: pop on some protein and call it a tasty meal!
  3. One-Skillet Cashew Chicken Stir-Fry: all the flavors, all the veggies, all in one skillet!
  4. Turmeric Chicken Meatballs and Potatoes: you know I love my one-pan meals, and here’s one more to add to the list!

    Credit: Ambitious Kitchen

  5. Easy Sheet Pan Keto Stuffed Peppers: everything is better in an edible vessel … it’s why I love lettuce wraps so much!
  6. Healthy Baked Buffalo Chicken Casserole: spaghetti squash, tasty sauce, plenty of veggies, and high protein … I’m sold!

Do these recipes sound tasty?  If so, and you want to figure out how to work them into a plan personalized for YOUR goals and YOUR body, I have a program for you! 
My exclusive group program, Color Up!, is open for just a few more days, and ALL of these recipes are included (as well as 80 more)!  Color Up teaches you the balance of nutrients that is right for your body, your goals, and your starting place … all in a fun, encouraging, and supportive environment.  You’ll get all the benefits of “macro counting” without having to count grams of protein or worry about calories.  Several dozen participants enjoyed 4 weeks of positivity, customized nutrition goals, and incredible results when we first ran Color Up! in October.  If you missed it, now is your chance!  To learn more about the 4-week program, which starts January 11th, click here.  Sign ups are open now, and will close on January 8th, so join us today!

Now it’s your turn … Which recipe are you most excited to try?  Or, share a healthy recipe that you’ve loved lately!


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