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You’ve already seen my favorite healthy foods to buy at Trader Joe’s, Kroger, and Thrive Market, but today, it’s time to spread the love to a store near to almost everyone … here are the healthiest foods to buy at Target!

  1. Produce will always be my #1 in any grocery store list, because I believe it’s the healthiest category overall! While Target has come a long way, I have to say that I wasn’t super impressed by the fresh produce selection at Target.  Could I have made it work for a week?  Sure.  But most things I wanted to buy were not available organic, were picked over or unavailable, or were just not offered.  I didn’t find any organic salad greens, any asparagus, zucchini, broccoli, or brussels sprouts.  The selection of fruit was pretty good (organic berries and delicious apple pears pictured below!), and the “basics” (avocados, onions, etc.) were there.  Overall, when combined with the selection of frozen vegetables, I definitely think it’s possible to make a healthy week work from Target alone, but I’ll continue shopping at other places and / or supplementing with Imperfect Foods for my produce!
  2. Individual veggie dips. I love the Wholly Guacamole minis (no preservatives at all, which is impressive!) and the individual Sabra singles.  Both guacamole and hummus are healthy, but if you can overdo the portions like me, these are convenient and helpful!
  3. Grillo’s pickles. I love pickles, but it’s hard to find pickles without artificial colorings, preservatives, and sugar.  These pickles have clean ingredients and taste great!
  4. Vegetable juices. I like the Daily Greens Purity juice (no fruit, just veggies) and the Suja shots (high concentrations of superfoods like turmeric with very little sugar), and Target had a great selection.
  5. Frozen veggies. Target has TONS of plain frozen veggies – frozen riced cauliflower and frozen mixed veggies are some of my favorites.  It’s rare to find this Green Giant cauliflower rice, mushroom, and asparagus blend, as well as the zucchini and sweet potato spirals.  And yes, even I was fooled!  I thought these were plain shaved brussels sprouts, but they actually had a “light” cheese sauce on them – bummer!
  6. Frozen sweet potato toasts. Sure, you’re paying extra for the “cute factor,” but the idea of sliced sweet potato “toasts” (only ingredient is sweet potato!) totally sold me, and I can’t wait to try them!
  7. Organic canned beans. The Target Brand, Simply Balanced, had a great selection of organic beans of all varieties at a low price.
  8. Chickpea pasta. I love the Banza brand for a healthier pasta alternative for people who aren’t quite ready for zucchini noodles (if you are ready, check out my favorite 20 spiralized veggie recipes!). Remember to keep portions moderate, but enjoy!
  9. No sugar added marinara sauce. Kevin is always my taste tester, and he loves Rao’s, but I’m excited to have him put this Farm to Fork brand ($0.80 cheaper) to the test!
  10. Meat options. I was impressed that Target carried grass-fed and organic ground beef, organic chicken breasts, and antibiotic-free ground turkey. I still buy most of my meat from Butcher Box, but it’s nice to have options!
  11. Sandwich meat options. Target had a nice selection of nitrate-free, antibiotic-free, and even organic sliced deli meat, and it was 10% off!
  12. I was very impressed to find two of my favorite egg brands – Vital Farms and Pete & Gerry’s, both of which are high-quality and humanely raised eggs.
  13. Protein powders, shakes, and bars. Amazon is actually equal or cheaper for all of these items, but it’s nice to see a great selection at Target.  I love Vega Protein & Greens or Garden of Life Organic Protein for mealtime smoothies (I use Active Stacks for my nightly protein milkshake).  I make my own smoothies 95% of the time, but sometimes it’s nice to have a grab-and-go option, and Vega is one of the best ones I’ve found.  And I like the Garden of Life Organic Fit bars as a combination of cleaner ingredients, while still keeping sugar low and protein relatively high.
  14. Epic chicken jerky bars. These will always be one of my favorite on-the-go protein options due to the nice flavor, high protein, zero sugar, and lack of antibiotics.  Equal priced to Amazon, I was excited to see them on the shelves!
  15. Once Upon a Farm baby food pouches. These are some of the healthiest pouches I’ve seen, and I love that they have lower sugar and healthy fats from avocado to balance out the (healthy) carbohydrates from veggies and fruits.  If you’re buying pouches for your kids, I recommend these!
  16. Sparkling water. The picture escaped me, but the prices of Topo Chico, Waterloo, and Spindrift (all favorites!) were definitely lower than most stores I’ve seen.
  17. Birchbenders pancake mix. I’ve highlighted this mix before, but I was shocked to see it at such a low price here! I recommend the one labeled “Paleo” as it has less sugar and cleaner ingredients than other varieties.
  18. Dried fruit. This one comes with a caution label, because I don’t recommend dried fruit in general – it’s far easier to overconsume sugar when it’s not in whole food form.  Most of us would never sit down and eat 6 whole apples, but it’s easy to eat the equivalent in dried fruit, and even natural sugar does add up.  However, I like to keep these no-sugar-added varieties on hand in case I need a little boost right before a workout, or to substitute a piece instead of a baked good or other sweet.
  19. Caulipower pizza crust. This is a “better” option, not necessarily a “health food.” While the ingredients in Caulipower are among the best I’ve seen, this is still pizza, so I recommend it as a fun treat as opposed to an everyday food.  I like the veggies on top, as well!
  20. Chocolate! I mean really, no list is complete without chocolate, am I right?  I was impressed to find several varieties without chemical preservatives, too much added sugar, or dairy.  It’s rare to find a 95% variety, but Target even delivered on that!

Now it’s your turn … What are your favorite healthy foods to buy at Target?  Which of the above are you most excited to try?


  1. Karen

    I’m going to try the turkey jerky and the Farm to Fork tomato sauce. And I thought I was making a good choice with EggLand brand eggs- but maybe not???
    Thanks for the list, albeit I prefer to shop at Kroger.

    • Megan Lyons

      You are definitely making a good choice – I like Eggland’s Best, too, just didn’t see them at Target!


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