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I love holidays – time off of work, family traditions, time spent with those I love, a general sense of joy and festivity in the air!  But I’m going to let you in on a secret … I hate shopping for holiday gifts.  Truly, I don’t mind spending time or money on those I love, so it’s not that.  I just feel so much pressure to get the “perfect” thing, and get a terrible sense of decision fatigue before eventually feeling so overwhelmed that I abandon full (online) shopping carts and move on with my day.  Can anyone relate?

Well, I’m going to try to help you out this year!  I’ve rounded up my top 20 healthy holiday gifts to help you out.  If the people on your list are health-minded, don’t look any further than right here!  Happy shopping, and Happy Holidays!

Top Healthy Holiday Gifts

  1. Meal planning support. You see me doing my prep every Sunday, so at this point, you’re probably sick of seeing the same glass snapware and Stasher bags. But they are both incredible, reuseable tools that keep my meal prep efficient and my food tasting fresh!  If that person on your list has been extra good to you this year, consider buying them my Meal Planning Bootcamp!  And if they’re super duper special, why not gift them one of my Health Coaching packages?
  2. Morning routine enhancements. My morning routine is probably my most important health habit. It centers around the Pepper Planner, but I love daily quote calendars as well!  I recommend this one or this one for 2020!  To take it a step further, help them measure their brain waves and enhance their meditation with the Muse headband!
  3. Healthy, convenient food. Making healthy eating simpler and less time intensive is one of the best gifts you can give a healthy person. A few ways I make my healthy eating easier are getting pre-made, locally-made healthy meals delivered to my doorstep from Territory Foods ($50 discount here), receiving high-quality meat every quarter from Butcher Box (get free bacon and $40 off with this link), and ordering all of my pantry staples (like healthier chips, cacao nibs, ghee, avocado oil, spices, and so much more!) from Thrive Market (25% off your first order here)
  4. Kitchen staples. I use my crockpotInstant Pot, and Vitamix every single week (or every day, in the case of the Vitamix!). I would be lost without them!  If you’re looking for an incredible kitchen gift for that healthy person in your life, these are my top choices!  While you’re at it, send them these 20 slow cooker recipes and these 20 smoothie recipes so they can get started enjoying their gifts!
  5. Relaxation. Self-care is all the rage these days, but many people still find it tough to prioritize budget for a massage, manicure, facial, or other form of relaxation.  I highly recommend gifting a gift certificate for one of these, or even for Groupon, which often has great deals on these treatments!
  6. Healthy hydration. If I had $1 for every client who has told me that they “couldn’t” drink enough water until they had a “cool” water bottle, well, I could buy myself a cool new water bottle!  There’s something great about being excited about your bottle, and it contributes to one of the healthiest habits!  I recommend this Hidrate bottle (which flashes to tell you you need to drink more), this stainless steel bottle (my personal bottle of choice), this fruit infusion bottle (for people who need some extra flavor to drink up!), or this time-stamped bottle (which tells you the hour at which the water should be consumed).
  7. Fitness classes. Fitness classes make exercise more fun for many people, and the accountability they provide is especially helpful to those who might otherwise stay in bed. If you know your recipient’s favorite fitness studio, simply give them a call and see if you can add a few classes to their account.  If not, try ClassPass– a great way to experience new classes with one membership.
  8. Recovery support. I foam roll every. Single. Night. It prevents muscle soreness and promotes recovery better than any other tool I’ve found (here’s more on the benefits).  The current foam roller I use is this one, which vibrates for even more efficacy. If you know they’re in pain, I also recommend this hemp turmeric cream, which is great for pain relief!  And HOLY. GUACAMOLE.  The best EVER shoes I’ve worn for plantar fasciitis and overall recovery are these Oofos!
  9. Workout accessories. These might be small, but they’re important!  All workout enthusiasts need some good dry shampoo, great workout socks, motivational tank tops, or hey – why not – even shoe deodorizers.
  10. High quality nutrition in a capsule. I don’t talk much about Juice Plus+ on here (although this post explains why I like it), because I never want to convey that anything in a pill form is better than eating your vegetables every day!  While I eat 10 servings of veggies every day (yes, really!), I also take Juice Plus+ as a way to ensure I’m covering my nutritional bases.  Extra nutrients from raw, organic vegetables in capsule form is a surefire way to better health!  And knowing that my family is on it, too, gives me tons of peace of mind, since many independent studies show lower risk of chronic disease in those who take it!  What a great gift that gives back – you get the family around longer! 🙂
  11. Charity donation. A donation to a cause someone cares about can be the perfect way to recognize him or her, while not contributing to additional clutter and making a difference in the world.  If you’re stumped for someone on your list, think of a cause that is important to them, and consider a charitable donation.

If you want even more product ideas, check out my top 50 most recommended Amazon products!

Support Small Businesses!

I asked on Instagram and Facebook if anyone would like to promote their businesses, and I’m thrilled to be able to share these!  I sure do love Amazon (and most of the links above are Amazon affiliate links, which means that I get a percentage but you do not pay any more!), but I love supporting other small businesses even MORE!  So, whether it’s these or any other small business you love, I highly encourage you to do some of your holiday shopping with small businesses!

Here are several small businesses that asked to be shared:

  1. Chocolaterie Tessa Single Origin Assortment. Of course, I had to put the chocolate first 😊. My friend, Tessa, has started this amazing, prize-winning chocolate company that puts the utmost love and care into their chocolates.  This Single Origin Assortment looks delicious (so delicious, in fact, that I just bought myself one!).
  2. Financial Coaching. My friend Julie is a financial coach that helps people alleviate the stress of finances and make conscious decisions about where they spend (and save) their money.  What a gift to someone you love!  You can check out her services at her website, or read about her on a previous Lyons’ Share 10/10 episode recap.
  3. Men’s Haircuts and Salon Services. My friend Jen’s husband, Blake, owns B Square Hair in Dallas.  They offer men’s salon services at barbershop prices, and I know he’ll take great care of you!  It’s the perfect gift for that man in your life!
  4. Clean crafted wine. My friend Taylor sells a clean-crafted wine, Scout & Cellar, that would be a fantastic gift for that special person on your list!  Hey, if you’re going to drink, I recommend drinking as clean as possible, and knowing that there are no preservatives or added sugar in this wine is a big plus.  You can order through her website or email her at
  5. Confidence Coaching. My friend Brandy is one of my featured experts for my current group coaching program, The 8% Team, and the feedback on her services has been very positive!  If you could use a boost in your confidence, check out her website or email her at
  6. Interior Design Services. Did your gift recipient recently move into a new home, or has she been talking about needing a spruce-up? My friend Janice has amazing offerings in interior design and can help take the stress out of decorating.  Check out her website or email her at
  7. Web Design Services. My friend Jess does amazing website redesigns, or for a tighter budget, offers website audits! What an amazing gift to the entrepreneur in your life!  Check out her website to feel inspired and investigate her options!
  8. Graphic Design Services. The Lyons’ Share Creative Director, Payton, launched a new program from her studio that is getting rave reviews. For a low flat rate, you work together to create a list of all the graphics, handouts, PDFs and more that your business needs, and she dedicates a solid 8 hour day to knocking out everything on your list. It’s a great way to tick some lingering “to-do’s” off your business checklist! Learn more about her Design Days here.
  9. Health Coaching. Yes, these are direct competitors of my own coaching, but I believe in supporting any and ALL small businesses, and these awesome ladies asked to be featured! Gabrielle of Living Well Dallas is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach who was featured in a previous Lyons’ Share 10/10 and absolutely knows her stuff!  I recommend her practice for any testing or functional medicine you need.  And while I don’t know Meghan of Well With Meghan personally, I love her name, and believe in the benefit of a health coach so firmly!

Now it’s your turn … What’s another great idea to add to the list?!  I need your help – I’m shopping for a lot of healthy people in my life! 😊


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