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This week’s interview featured Gabrielle Grandell: Functional Medicine and National Board Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach, and Certified LEAP Therapist. Gabrielle’s training in functional medicine and health coaching makes her a great resource for nutritional information. She’s also intuitive, compassionate, and great with her clients. Check out her Instagram @gabriellegrandell or her website for more!

Here is a recap of the 10 insights she shared:

1. “Eat real food, not too much, mostly plants” – Michael Pollan.

2. Move your body everyday. Find something that you enjoy doing that will keep you active, and don’t be afraid to mix it up!

3. Take time to relax and decompress. Reset your nervous system. This looks different for everyone, and could be prayer, meditation, journaling, or deep breathing!

4. Gabrielle struggles to eat mindfully. To work around this, she shuts her computer and tries to eat without distractions.

5. When you focus on chewing and the act of eating, you are activating your parasympathetic nervous system which helps you to digest better!

6. Myth: All calories are created equal. Calories are not just fuel for your body, they are also information for your cells. Everyone’s body works differently, so they will use their calories in different ways.

7. If you only have one minute for your health, listen to your body. What do you need to do? It could be drinking water, reading an affirmation, or standing up!

8. Gabrielle’s favorite quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world” -Mahatma Gandhi.

9. Research has proven that 80% of disease can be cured by lifestyle and diet measures. We have so much control over our health!

10. Final value bomb: What we put in our body makes a BIG difference in how we feel mentally and physically. It’s important to remember that what we think about and surround ourselves with makes a big difference in our well-being, too!

Now it’s your turn…What was your favorite takeaway from this interview?  Who would you like to see as a future guest on Lyons’ Share 10/10?


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