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Julie Gannon

This week’s interview featured Julie Gannon, financial coach and athlete! Julie helps people to alleviate the stress of finances that so many of us face. She also has experience in the fitness field and shared some awesome tips for maintaining well-rounded health! Check out her Instagram @juli3g, her website, and feel free to send her a message through her Facebook page!

Here is a recap of the 10 insights she shared:

1. Plan ahead. Whether it’s for meals or money, this can make a huge difference!

2. Leave your phone outside of your room when you go to sleep. This helps you to stay away from online shopping and social media both before bed and when you wake up.

3. Find a group you can exercise with. This may mean spending more money on fitness, but it has great ROI!

4. Julie struggles to drink enough water. To enjoy drinking water more, she drinks hot tea and soda water.

5. Myth: “I don’t have enough money to make a budget.” If you make a budget, you WILL find money!

6. With a budget, you can spend without guilt! If you have allotted a certain amount of money for something, you won’t have to feel bad about spending money on it.

7. Once you make a budget, the first couple of months will be difficult. You may have to make changes to find what works for you.

8. If you only have one minute for your health, stretch! This can make it easier to take a deep breaths and feel relaxed.

9. Julie’s favorite motivational quote: “If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

10. Final value bomb: Hold your money with an open palm. If you don’t think of money as something scary or restricting, then it can flow in and out more easily!


Now it’s your turn…What was your favorite takeaway from this interview?


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