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Healthy Smoothie Recipe Roundup


Thanks to your positive feedback on last week’s post on how to build a healthy smoothie, I’m bringing you a bonus smoothie post with 20 more healthy smoothie recipes today!  Sadly, you can’t just trust Pinterest or a pretty picture that is labeled “healthy” … instead, make sure it contains each of the 7 components of healthy smoothies, and limits added sugar (confused about what qualifies as added sugar? I’ve got your back here!).  Here are some of my favorite healthy smoothie recipes – enjoy!

  1. Blackberry Vanilla Green Smoothie from Blender Babes
  2. Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie from Wendy Polisi
  3. Everyday Kale and Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie from Further Food
  4. Super Healthy Green Smoothie from Further Food (note: only for green smoothie pros! This one tastes … green 😊, in a refreshing way!)

    super healthy green smoothie

    Super Healthy Green Smoothie – Further Food

  5. Brain Boosting Avocado Green Smoothie from Further Food
  6. Almond Joy Protein Shake from It’s a Mom’s World (note: add a cup or more of spinach!)
  7. Chocolate and Kale Protein Smoothie from Yummy Healthy Kale
  8. Kale Pina-covado Protein Smoothie from Delicious by Dre

    healthy kale smoothie

    Kale Pina-Covado Protein Smoothie – Delicious by Dre

  9. Simple Green Smoothie from
  10. Matcha Pear Green Smoothie from Daily Burn (note: add in 1 Tbsp. chia seeds or ½ small avocado!)
  11. Coffee Protein Smoothie from Food with Feeling (note: add in some greens!)
  12. Green Vibrance Protein Smoothie from The Quirky Princess
  13. Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie from Eating Well (note: I recommend skipping the added sweetener)
  14. Pumpkin Protein Smoothie from The Healthy Family and Home (note: add in some greens!)

    healthy pumpkin protein smoothie

    Pumpkin Protein Smoothie – The Healthy Family and Home

  15. Post-Workout Green Smoothie from Downshiftology
  16. Peachy Green Smoothie from The Healthy Family and Home (note: I recommend using only one date)
  17. Green Protein Coconut Smoothie from The Sugar-Free Mom
  18. Low-Sugar Green Smoothie from The Holy Kale
  19. Brain-Boosting Smoothie from Dr. Axe

    healthy brain smoothie

    Brain-Boosting Smoothie – Dr. Axe

  20. Creamy Green Smoothie from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

If you want even MORE smoothie recipes, including a webinar on all my best tips & tricks to making healthy, satisfying, and delicious green smoothies, head over to this link for instant access!

Now it’s your turn … Do you have other favorite smoothies?  Feel free to post the recipes here!


  1. Lee

    thanks for the round up. Love the green Matcha Pear Smoothie and all the others too…

  2. Tarashaun Hausner

    Awesome round up Megan! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 ~Tarashaun

    • Megan Lyons

      Of course, Terashaun! Thanks for your killer smoothies! 🙂


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