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If you’ve been reading The Lyons’ Share for a while now, you know that I don’t believe in crash diets, restricting food when you’re truly hungry, or depriving yourself of nutrition.  That said, I do believe in giving your body what it needs to feel your best, and sometimes that means you just need to reset.  If you found yourself indulging a bit more than usual over the holidays, want to shed a few extra pounds, or just want to get 2015 off to a healthy start by focusing on your nutrition, why not join me in the 2015 New Year Reset?

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During the New Year Reset, we will be taking a few weeks to focus on giving your body what it needs most to thrive, and cutting out the splurges.  You will NOT have to go hungry, but you will have to focus on whole foods.  You’ll have plenty of support – from our private Facebook group, access to me, and many helpful resources (including a brand new, unreleased eBook featuring 76 pages of Lyons’ Share recipes!).

You only have a few days to sign up, so head over to the 2015 New Year Reset page for more info and to get registered!

Motivation Monday

motivation monday the lyons share

It is Motivation Monday, so if getting 2015 off to a great start isn’t motivation enough for you, I have a simple thought to share: YOU are the one that makes your dreams happen, and you can start making them happen today!

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of The Lyons’ Share as a business.  Just a year ago (tomorrow), I shared this post announcing that I had left my corporate job to build The Lyons’ Share.  I was scared, I questioned my sanity, I wondered whether people would think I was crazy … but I truly believed in myself.  As I’ve said before, you have to believe in yourself before you can expect anyone else to do so (here’s another Motivation Monday post on that topic), and you have to visualize and plan for your success in order to make it happen.  In the end, it comes down to your hard work, your determination, your vision.

every day is another chance to make your dreams come true

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But you can’t put that hard work, determination, or vision into action if you don’t make the first leap.  So today, I encourage you to think of your dream, and take one step to make it happen.  This doesn’t have to be about leaving your job – maybe it means training for the marathon you’ve always wanted to complete, saving up to take the trip to Zimbabwe that you’ve been dreaming about since you were a teenager, or asking out the person you’ve had your eye on for months.  Whatever it is, do something today to get closer to that dream!

dream it wish it do it

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(As a side note, if you haven’t seen my 2014 Thank You video, here it is … I truly appreciate your support!)

So tell me in the comments …  What can you do today to make your dreams happen?


  1. Tina Muir

    Love this Megan! I am a HUGE believer in the little changes, and this is no exception, this is a wonderful post and everyone needs to read this one! I am having a year of the anti-goal, but I am still making moves to make sure my dreams come true 🙂


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