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Why self care is critical

Why Self Care is Critical (Plus 32 Free Self Care Ideas!)

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Because you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you’re already doing amazing things for your health.  Maybe you work out 6 days per week, do meal planning consistently, and avoid almost all added sugar.  All of those are fantastic, but if they’re adding up to make you stress out (or worse! beat yourself up!) over your…

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The Spice of Life (and last chance to join our 30-Day Health Challenge!)


Happy Motivation Monday! A month and a half into the New Year, it’s possible that your newfound healthy habits have gotten old or your motivation is lagging just a bit.  That’s normal – even when we find ourselves very committed to something for a few days, the routine can get old and stagnant as time goes on.…

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How to Get 2015 Started on a Healthy Note


If you’ve been reading The Lyons’ Share for a while now, you know that I don’t believe in crash diets, restricting food when you’re truly hungry, or depriving yourself of nutrition.  That said, I do believe in giving your body what it needs to feel your best, and sometimes that means you just need to…

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7 Beachbody Programs to Get You Results {Focus T25 Review!}


Happy Workout Wednesday!  Before we get into today’s topic, one last plug for the 30-Day Ab Challenge!  We have over 40 people on their way to flat, strong cores, a fun community tracking system for accountability, and some great workouts – I barely made it on Day 1!  If you haven’t joined in, I’ll still…

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Resetting for Fall


Happy Motivation Monday!  There’s nothing like a new beginning (beginning of the year, beginning of a season, beginning of a new job, or whatever it might be) to motivate us to get off to a fresh, new start.  So, with the start of Fall yesterday, I’m embarking on a “Fall Reset” … care to join…

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