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Sometimes we all need reminders for even those things that have become “normal” for us.  I do some form of exercise nearly every day (and I love it), but I still need to block it out in my calendar and utilize the reminders to get me to actually do it!

It was just that thought – a regular reminder for our single most important health habit – that led me to develop The Lyons’ Share’s first iPhone app, called “Drink More Water: 30-Day Challenge.”

drink more water app

The app is designed for those who want to cultivate a healthy habit of drinking enough water, but just can’t remember to drink throughout the day.  It can be hard to get started when you’re not in the routine of bringing your water bottle everywhere or keeping water at your desk, and your body’s thirst mechanisms are often so out of whack when you’re chronically dehydrated that it won’t tell you to drink more.  (I’ve had many clients who reported feeling more thirsty after they started drinking more water – because their bodies actually remembered what healthy hydration was supposed to feel like!)  So the app makes it easy to remember, by reminding you throughout the day with push alerts.

The app will ask you a few brief questions to calculate your body’s own unique hydration needs, and then send you reminders at 11am, 3pm, and 7pm to ensure that you’ve consumed 1/3 of your goal ounces at each time.  It will also give you a daily health tip, to keep you motivated and inspired to continue with your hydration goals!  Finally, you can track your daily intake by tapping a little droplet each time you consume 10 more ounces of water.

tracking water

It’s certainly not the fanciest app in the world, but it does the trick, and I’ve loved using it (even though drinking water is already a habit for me).  If you want to get started drinking more water, or if you have clients or family members that do, check it out!

The app is $1.99 on iTunes, so get it today!  Please let me know what you think, and I’d be grateful if you’d leave a rating and review, too!

lyons share app on iTunes

So tell me in the comments … What’s one thing that you sometimes need a reminder for, even though you want it to be a regular habit?


  1. Megan Murden

    This is so cool…..Can’t wait to download it.

  2. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    Is there anything you can’t do?! This is so cool! I’m back on my gallon a day… and peeing every 10 mins. 🙂

  3. Karen

    It’s actually an awesome app !! ( even though I want to hit my phone when it sends me a reminder and I’m behind on my water) THANK YOU MEGAN – it’s REALLY good for me.


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