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Foodie Friday in a Flash

It’s been a few weeks since my last “Foodie Friday in a Flash,” but I’m back in action!  Today, we’re discussing one of my very favorites … kale!

health benefits of kale

Watch the video below to discover:

  • A surprising fact about the popularity of kale
  • 10 health benefits of kale
  • 4 ways I enjoy kale
  • A 30-second, super simple recipe for kale chips!

 (you probably have to click through to the post if you’re reading this by email)

I challenge you to make those kale chips if you’ve never tried them yourself!  They’re ready in 10 minutes or less, and make a great and healthy snack!  You can also check out my other kale recipes:

I also mention the kale that I’m growing on my roof deck (which is now inside thanks to the frost in Dallas!).  I’ll talk in detail about my super-cool hydroponic growing system in a future post, but if you want more information or to buy your own, you can always check out my Tower Garden website!

tower garden

And last, as I was looking for pictures of kale, I found this sign in the grocery store, which struck me as funny.  “Probably the healthiest thing in produce”??  Something about that phrase just makes me laugh!

the healthiest thing in produce

So tell me in the comments … What is your favorite way to enjoy kale?  What food do you want to see next for Foodie Friday in a Flash?


  1. Carina

    I think it’s the “probably” that’s funniest. It makes it sound like it was written by a 22 year old assigned to the produce department. I can picture him in my mind.
    Love kale, I use it in smoothies a lot.

  2. Michael Anderson

    Kale is one of the great 2014 additions to our staple diet – in salads, baked as chips, sautéed and added into pretty much anything we cook … it is a really great way to get loads of great nutrients. Great video 🙂

    • Megan Lyons

      Thank you, Michael! I appreciate you watching!



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