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It’s Workout Wednesday!!  What are YOU doing for your workout today?

workout wednesday

*Note: Before I even say anything, I want to caveat that I highly recommend getting fitted for running shoes.  Although I will talk about what works for me here, it’s silly to assume that shoes that work for my unique body and running style will automatically work for yours.  Being in the wrong shoes can lead to injury, and no one wants that!*

When I started running in 2003 or so, I got fitted for running shoes at a running store.  At that time, I was put in the 2003-equivalent of Asics GT-2100.  The fitter did a great job, and I knew that those shoes were best for my foot.  That’s all good … the problem is that I never got fitted again, and continued buying the newer version of the same shoes (GT-2110, GT-2120 … GT-2170).  At the end of last year, Asics completely redid this line of shoes, and the new ones (GT-2000) just did NOT work for me.  I knew it right when I switched over in November, but I was too stubborn to switch because I had always worn the Asics.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 8.36.30 PM(picture source)

Fast forward to February, and injury started.  I’ll talk more about the injury I’ve been dealing with in next week’s Workout Wednesday post, but it wasn’t anything too serious.  The sad thing is that it took pain for me to actually switch shoes.

Around March or April, I got fitted for a new shoe by a Brooks truck at a race.  I wore the Brooks Adrenaline for a while (while getting treatment, which I’ll talk about next week), but the issue continued. Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 8.34.58 PM(picture source)

In June, I finally got the message that I need to be re-fitted.  It turns out, you should really get re-fitted every year or two, because your body DOES change.  And my body had changed so much … that I needed a completely opposite shoe!  I should now be wearing a neutral shoe.  It’s best for me to get a neutral shoe with a teeny bit of support so that the transition isn’t too sudden, and two shoes have really helped me: the Saucony Ride 7 and the Mizuno Wave Rider 18.  I am alternating between these two right now, but the rest of this post will be a Mizuno Wave Rider 18 review.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 8.42.59 PM

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post, and I received these Mizunos for free, but all opinions are always my own.  And I would not have tried them if the fitter at the running shoe store had not suggested them for me!

 Review of Mizuno Wave Rider 18

To me, the Mizunos feel like the perfect balance between snug and supported, but also allowing my foot to move as it naturally should.  They look a bit bigger than some other shoes I’ve worn, but they feel very light (7.8 ounces).  The look cute enough to me … I wish the colors were slightly brighter, but I know better than to pick running shoes on looks alone 🙂

mizuno wave rider 18

(look at that supination!!! clearly not fixed yet!)

The Mizuno Wave Rider 18 uses three unique technologies:

  • The U4ic midsole is very responsive to any movements you make
  • The Dynamotion Fit is supposed to relieve the stress the foot regularly puts on shoes
  • The Mizuno Wave Technology is a good blend of shock absorption and flexibility, suitable for many runners who need a neutral shoe.

mizuno wave rider 18 from back

(I let my girls take these photos at Girls on the Run yesterday, so excuse the quality ;)).

The Mizuno Wave Rider 18s are on sale now at, for $119.99.  Of course, I recommend you get fitted for a shoe that is appropriate for your own body, but if you do need a neutral shoe with a bit of cushioning, I do recommend the Wave Rider 18s.

mizuno wave rider 18 with girls on the run

(me and one of the sweet Girls on the Run girls – my team is great this year!)

So tell me in the comments … Which running shoes or exercise shoes do you wear?  Have you ever gotten fitted for them?  What treatment do you think I’ll review in the next Workout Wednesday?


  1. Holly Martin

    Very interesting post Megan! During holidays & even for a couple of weeks post-holidays, most people do find it difficult sticking to their daily schedule, which eventually hampers their health. I loved the BDD Rule that you shared. Being a running coach, I know that though the concept revolves around calories, the fact that you made it more specific makes it easy to implement. And along with all these tips, I believe what’s more important is to remember & recall that blissful feeling that you get after you complete your workout. I prefer jotting my everyday experience in my diary. Reading that keeps me inspired!

  2. Kyle

    Your body definitely changes! Strengthening the tibialis anterior and the tibialis posterior can lesson your pronation and are GREAT ways to actually control excessive pronation if you don’t want to switch shoes!

    I really believe that running in more neutral shoes that allow the feet to move and strengthen naturally, will benefit many people.

    And, for what it’s worth, there is little if any evidence that prescribing footwear choices based on running form or foot shape is helpful at all. There may even be evidence against doing so.

  3. jill conyers

    I wear minimal drop shoes and right now Brooks Pure (I think it’s Cadence) are my favorite! Sorry to hear you’re dealing with an injury.

  4. Gary

    While I do believe that your running style may slightly evolve over time which may require or suggest a change in shoes, my biggest gripe, from the mellow guy I am, is that the shoe manufacturers really should not continue to supposedly improve a well-selling shoe. It ends up causing injuries to their customers who would be in most cases perfectly content running in the same training/racing shoes forever unless some condition developed to cause then to start experimenting with other modifications of that shoe or a totally different shoe. For what it is worth, these comments are from a runner who has been “on the roads” for 50+ years.

  5. Michael Anderson

    Wow … so sorry you’ve been dealing with this, and it is weird how we *know* that the wrong shoes can lead to injury, yet we will stubbornly stick with them anyway (maybe it is how much they cost!)

    I have been happy with the Saucony Kinvara line for over a year, my Virratas just finally died recently (hey, they got over 1300 miles for me), but am also interested in the new Nike Free versions as the old ones worked well for me. I do well with 4mm drop ultra-light shoes it seems.

    Looking forward to reading aboutu how you dealt with your injuries …

  6. Linda @ The Fitty

    I’ve never gotten my shoes fitted before! Do they only do that at sporting stores?

  7. Emily

    I like the Saucony Ride as well, and I’m on my 3rd pair. For years, I thought I was an overpronator, and when I finally got fitted, it turns out I’m more of a “neutral” gal myself. That’s great advice to get fitted every couple of years – guess I should go in for my checkup to see if my new go-to shoes are still the best ones for my feet!

  8. Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine

    I used to wear a really supportive shoe, but when I was in PT I had a running assessment done that showed that I ran much better barefoot then in a heavy heeled shoes. I tried the pureflows which seemed to be a good transition from what I was wearing to something lighter without as much of a heel but still provided enough stability. Now I am just hoping that I like the newer versions as much as the ones I have been wearing! I hate when shoe companies change their models. I might go back to a running store at some point just to get fitted again and see if there are any other options that could work for me.



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