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Happy Motivation Monday!

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Friday evening, I had a 3.5-hour training for one of my networking groups, Business Networking International (side note: if you want to grow a business, in-person networking is SO helpful!  It’s a bit out of my comfort zone, but one of the first things I recommend to those starting their own ventures).  Anyway, back to the training.  It’s safe to say that I did NOT want to be in a conference room of a Best Western hotel until 7pm on a Friday, but I sucked it up and went in with an open mind … and I had a great time!

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It wasn’t the content of the training that got me thinking about Motivation Monday, but the simple, 2-word motto of the group: Givers Gain.  This means that you can’t walk into a new networking group and expect to magically get business after just a few meetings.  Instead, you go in with the attitude of determining how you can help every other person in the room grow his or her business, and show up consistently time after time with a giving attitude.  Slowly but surely, the group will help you grow your own business, too!

This blog is obviously not about networking, but I think the Givers Gain motto applies perfectly to life.  It’s been phrased many ways throughout history (“Do unto others…,” “Ask not what your country…,” etc.), but the point is the same: if you live your life with the aim of helping others, the good ‘karma’ will eventually come back to you.

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So, this week, I encourage you to find ways to help others, rather than putting your own needs first.  If you need more clients for your business, how can you help others gain clients?  If you crave recognition or love, why not praise others?  If you need help improving any aspect of your life, help others, be patient, and in time, you’ll receive the help you need as well.  I know this sounds idealistic, but I truly believe in it, and I hope you’ll take a chance on it, too!

by giving you receive more

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So tell me in the comments … 


  1. Jim Strachan

    Spot on. I am reading this to my BNI Group this morning.

    • Megan

      I hope they enjoyed it, Jim!!

  2. Tonya@Budget and the Beach

    I think that is always a fine line to walk. On one hand I totally get that, and then there is the other part of me who has been, or has seen people being taken advantage of in business as well. I think it should always come from a place that feels good with no expectations or when it can fit into you life nicely (meaning don’t go that extra mile if you are overwhelmed and burned out at the moment).

  3. Jessie

    This has always and will forever be one motto I continously live by. I do believe in karma & try my hardest on a daily basis to give in whichever way possible. It could simply be holding the door open for someone, or just making an extra call to a famly memeber to say Hi & ask how they are.

  4. Tina Muir

    Megan, we are on the same page for so many things! I definitely believe in this, and I have been thinking about it a lot lately. Good things happen to good people, you know why? Because they give off lots of good into the world, and help others….not just for the purpose of helping themselves, and I think people can tell when its genuine. Love this post though 🙂


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