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Happy Motivation Monday!

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It is very common that I’ll have a health coaching session where maybe 2 minutes out of the 50-minute session are spent on nutrition.  Yes, that’s my primary objective – to help people find the balance of nutrition that makes them their healthiest and happiest – but often, life stands in the way of our best efforts towards nutrition.

If one of my clients is dealing with pent up frustration, anger, depression, sadness, loneliness, or other uncomfortable emotion, babbling on happily about nutrition for 50 minutes will likely go in one ear and out the other.  That’s a waste of both my time and my client’s time. overwhelmed picture (picture source)

This is where the coach part of “health coach” comes into play.  Sometimes, people just need to let it all out – to vent, to talk about their problems, to reason out a tough situation out loud.  I try my best not to offer too much advice, but rather to ask the questions that will help my clients figure out what’s right for them and what will make them feel best.  And it is not at all a wasted session … believe it or not, clients usually have a wonderful week, nutrition-wise, after we have one of these sessions.

So, what does this have to do with you?  If there’s something that’s really weighing on your mind, don’t expect yourself to be able to compartmentalize it fully and go on with regular life, completing all your workouts, doing well in your job, and preparing healthy food consistently.  Instead, find someone or some place where you can let it out … a friend, a family member, the silence on a quiet walk, your shower, or of course, a health coach.

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Releasing that pent up emotional stress is critical, and will not only help you feel better, but will allow you to refocus on your goals and priorities, just as it allows my clients to refocus on their nutrition and physical health.

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There are very few things that are more important than the food that you eat, but your emotional and mental health are nearly top of the list.  So, whatever it takes, let something out, get it off of your shoulders, and let it go.  You’ll be glad you did!

So tell me in the comments … Do you tend to bottle up your emotions and pretend they’re not there?  Or do you find benefit in telling someone else, or letting it out?


  1. Annmarie

    I am certainly guilty of keeping everything bottled up and then letting it all out at once! Something I definitely need to work on for sure!

    • lindsay

      oh me too! and then i explode on my husband, verbally. ACK! I need Megan as a coach!

      • Megan Lyons

        Sometimes, that’s what husbands are for :). Although we’d save them a lot of grief if we just dealt with our emotions as they came rather than bottling them all up!

    • Megan Lyons

      I understand, Annmarie – it’s hard to break that habit! Take slow steps towards letting it out!

    • Megan Lyons

      I actually love that part of my job, Deborah! You never know what will come out of a session!

  2. Michael Anderson

    I feel like I have spent much of my adult life working on expressing my feelings … so now I can much more easily identify and deal with them.

    It is SO important, because like you say, if you are emotionally blocked then nothing else is happening. Great post!

  3. Montana Ross

    I definitely benefit from telling someone about my issues! I can’t keep everything bottled up- I’d explode! And then running helps too 🙂

    • Megan Lyons

      I agree, Montana! When I use running to process my emotions and actually think about them, it really does help!

  4. Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine

    This is SO important. I tend to bottle up my feelings but I am working on expressing them more. Even by thinking about them directly while I am running, that seems to help. I have also tried journaling and talking to my husband when I am feeling really stressed and overwhelmed.

    • Megan Lyons

      That’s excellent, Lisa! I don’t journal as much as I’d like (aside from my gratitude journal, which helps tremendously), but I think that’s another great tool.

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