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I know, I know … Workout Thursday just doesn’t sound as good as Workout Wednesday!  But I couldn’t get my act together (blame it on returning to work after a full week of vacation!), so here we are.  Speaking of not having my act together, this post is a bit all over the place.  I’ll make it up with a great recipe for tomorrow’s Foodie Friday (you may have seen a preview if you follow me on Instagram!)

I want to remind you today that, when it comes to fitness and nutritional improvements, something is always better than nothing.  Not only did I not get my blog post up yesterday morning, but I also didn’t get my planned run in, and I always feel “off” when I skip a workout that I had planned (and wanted) to do.  So last night at 8pm, even though it was still 93 degrees outside and I still had work to do, I seized the opportunity to get my run in after all.  It was slightly shorter than my morning runs usually are (because I wanted dinner!), and slightly slower (because it was hot, and I just don’t feel as natural running in the evenings), but the important thing was that I did it … and I felt SO much better afterwards!don't have to go fast - blog 7.11.13 and fb 7.10.13 just go run - blog 7.11.13(source) and (source)

This obviously doesn’t apply to just running.  How many times have you said something like “well, I only have time for a 20-minute workout, so I’ll just take a pass today” or “I already pigged out at brunch, might as well scrap healthy eating for today and start again tomorrow”?  That attitude won’t set you up for success … instead, just do what you can!  I promise it will be worth it.  (Of course, if your body is telling you it needs a rest day, this rule does NOT apply – it’s always a smart idea to fit in recovery and rest when needed).

In the spirit of doing a little something each day, I want to invite you to do a new challenge with me!  I’ve spoken a few times about the benefits of mixing up your workout routine and incorporating strength training (and here’s another short article I stumbled across today that applies particularly to runners), and this may be a fun way for you to squeeze in just a few minute a day.  30 day squat challenge

I’ll be honest … doing 30 squats on the first day felt a little lackluster, but I’m pretty certain that banging out 200 would be a challenge, so I’m excited to see the transition in my strength over 30 days!  Not convinced yet?  My friend and cousin-in-law (does that exist?), Michelle, is joining us in the challenge – she said that when she did it in April, she noticed a significant difference in her running performance and thigh definition!  So join in!  I won’t be posting the squat “assignments” every day, so set a reminder on your calendar, and let me know if you’re in!  Full details on the squat challenge can be found here.

So tell me in the comments … what’s an example of “something is better than nothing” that you practice in your healthy lifestyle?  Are you in for the squat challenge?



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