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So often, I get asked, “if I could only do ONE thing for my health, what should it be?”  The answer, as is the case with almost any health question, is “it depends,” but I think there are three that apply to almost everyone.

When I think about my health journey, the most radical leaps happened when I prioritized the three steps below.  These three things, in large part, helped take me from a stressed out, strung out, undernourished, underslept, anxious, negative, and unhealthy person (sounds like a joy, right?) to the more vibrant, energetic, and healthy version of myself that exists today.


My top 3 wellness game changers are…


  1. Developing a positive morning routine. I truly don’t think I would be the person I am today without my morning routine.  It has alleviated my anxiety, made me more productive, given me something to genuinely look forward to each day, helped me reach more goals, made me more present and intentional throughout my day, and SO much more.  I’ve written extensively about it already, so I’ll direct you to three posts:


  1. Committing to weekly meal planning and / or food prep. This looks different for everyone, and that’s OK.  But let’s face it, we’re all busy these days.  Whether you’re juggling long hours in the corporate world or children and pets and housework, very rarely is life calm enough to facilitate fresh, healthy meals made three times per day.In my case, I’m seeing clients or doing speaking engagements about 11 hours per day, leaving little time to cook on a daily basis.  If you’ve seen my Instagram or Facebook, you know that what works for me is preparing most meals on Sundays.  Whether you go that far is up to you, but at the very least, committing to a plan can benefit everyone.Your plan might include where to order in dinner from or where to pick up lunch on the fly.  It might include something to cook, that you don’t actually cook until the time of the meal itself, or it might include no cooking at all.  But the plan itself is what matters, because after all, failing to plan is planning to fail.Here are several resources that can help you on your meal planning and food prep journey:
    • Top benefits of meal planning
    • Meal Planning Webinar ($5). Watch this on-demand webinar to learn all my best tips and tricks, as well as to get access to meal planning templates, worksheets, and recipes!
    • Meal Planning Bootcamp ($249). If you want more hands-on support to revolutionize your personal meal planning strategy, this product is for you! You’ll get access to tons of resources, including my 100 favorite meal planning recipes, right off the bat.  We’ll have a one-to-one consultation where I learn all about your situation, preferences, and goals, and I’ll provide customized suggestions to help you master your own meal planning process.  Then, you’ll practice, and we’ll have a short tune-up consultation to get any further questions answered before you’re off and running on your own!
    • Tips for getting creative in the kitchen


  1. Mastering the art of building baby step habits. Trust me, I know how tempting it is to go “all in” on a new healthy lifestyle. It seems like a great idea to cut sugar, start exercising, Marie Kondo your house, commit to volunteering, and go from zero veggies to a full-on plant-based diet … all at once.  But we all know how this story ends, and it’s not pretty. Sticking to habit changes requires willpower, commitment, and consistency, and those are all resources that get easily depleted.  So, it makes sense to use them sparingly and intentionally.  That’s why I believe in baby step habits.  It takes a lot less mental energy to commit to adding in a veggie pack daily than it does to follow an unrealistic set of dietary guidelines that likely won’t last.  So great!  Start there! As you become more comfortable with the habit change you’ve implemented, you can take it to the next level or build on a new one!  In that way, you get to lasting, meaningful, and impactful change without ever feeling overwhelmed.

Ready to try a new baby step habit?  Here are a few I’d suggest!

    • Drink a full glass of water before each coffee.
    • Swap your afternoon soda for sparkling water.
    • Have a veggie pack daily
    • Enjoy a fist-sized serving (or more!) of veggies with each lunch, dinner, or both!
    • Write 3 things you’re grateful for each morning
    • Read affirmations each morning
    • Fit in a 20-minute walk, 3 times per week
    • Follow the BDD Rule
    • Follow the NOOB Rule

Now it’s your turn … What’s one wellness game changer that has improved how you feel?


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