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These are challenging times.  There’s no denying that the world is in a tough spot right now, and regardless of your particular worry (your health, your family’s health, the economy, your business, anxiety, the feeling of isolation), it’s easy to focus on the negative.  But, I believe, when we are faced with adversity, we can be the victim and take what comes to us, or we can take action and make the most of it.  Today, I hope to help you do the latter – here are 40 healthy things you can do at home during social distancing. Sending you wishes for health, safety, and positivity during this challenging time!

Do for your body

  1. Walk. Last week, I set (and reached) the goal of taking 20,000 steps per day. At every break longer than 5 minutes between clients or tasks, I tried to go for a quick lap around the block, in addition to my daily workouts.  The little bits of walking do add up, and the Vitamin D is great for your immune system!
  2. Do 100 push-ups in a day. What a fun challenge!  Try 20 in the morning, 10 at a time six times during the day, and 20 to finish the work day.  You’re so strong!
  3. Stretch. While we’re in the office, most of us stand up and walk to meetings, the cafeteria, etc.  But when we’re working from home, we often sit for extended periods of time, and our bodies feel the strain.  Take 10 (or more!) minutes and STRETCH out that body!
  4. Do a Workout Wednesday. I have so many free, no-equipment, quick, at-home workouts ready for you on Instagram or Facebook.  Check them out and try one!

    February’s Heart Health workout – instructions on Instagram & Facebook!

  5. Take a phone call (or many!) standing. While in the office, I take every phone call standing.  Since I’m at home and I have up to 10 client calls or video conferences per day, though, I’ve taken to alternating – one sitting, one standing.  Try it!
  6. Prioritize sleep quality by shutting off devices 1 hour before bed. See this post for more about the way blue light impacts your sleep quality.  Try shutting off your devices one hour before bed.
  7. Make an extra batch of a healthy meal and freeze for later. I love freezing extra soups and stews, so that I have options on hand when I get back from out of town or have a particularly busy week. Try these 20 slow cooker meals or these 20 Instant Pot recipes.
  8. Try a new recipe. Looking for ideas?  Check out these 20 Power Bowls, these 20 One-Pan Meals, or these 10 Weeknight Dinners.
  9. Do 10 burpees between each call or work-at-home task. I’m a sucker for burpees – the perfect full-body exercise! Try doing 10 between each call or task and see how they add up!
  10. Drink tons of water. Aim for ½ your bodyweight in ounces (so, 100 ounces for a 200-lb. person).  Commit to starting early, and sip throughout the day.  You’ll feel your energy skyrocket!

Do for your mind

  1. Read. Many of us set 2020 goals to read more, and  now is the perfect time!  Check out my 2020 reading list for more ideas!
  2. Do puzzles. Crossword, jigsaw, wordsearch, you name it – they’re all SO good for our brain.  Plus, focusing on a puzzle helps us tune out the constant negative chatter that can occupy our minds during this time!
  3. Start your side hustle. There’s no better time to start brainstorming your own business than now!  Trust me, if you had asked me 7 years ago if I would still be passionate, profitable, and purposeful … well, it would have seemed like a stretch.  But I couldn’t be happier to be here!
  4. Take an online course. Coursera has many free options, and places like Skillshare offer paid and free versions of courses in basically anything you want to learn.
  5. Learn a language. I love Babbel, which is offering a 50% discount, and  YouTube has several free options as well!
  6. Set 2 new personal goals. I am ALL about goals.  Check out this post before you set yours!
  7. Set 2 new business goals. You may be in a tough spot with work right now, but that doesn’t mean you are powerless.  Where do you see yourself, business-wise, at the end of this year?  Next year?  10 years?  Now is a great time to set a few goals!
  8. Try “infosponging.” When I heard Jeff Hoffman, serial entrepreneur and founder of Priceline, speak a few years ago, he mentioned that he does “infosponging” every day.  Basically, he reads a news article or study about something completely unrelated to his passions or business.  He believes that being well-rounded in our knowledge is a critical asset – I agree!
  9. Commit to checking the news only twice per day. There is plenty of negativity out there, and it puts a mental strain on you to refresh constantly.  Can you try only checking twice today?
  10. Memorize something. Anything!  Memorizing is a great way to fine-tune your memory skills and keep your brain young.  Open a book and memorize a paragraph, jot down a random sequence of numbers, or memorize your credit card number (it comes in handy!).

Do for your soul

  1. Call or facetime a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Physical connection  might be hard, but now is the perfect time to reconnect virtually!
  2. Make a connected list. If you’re feeling particularly disconnected, make a list of groups of which you are a part (e.g. church group, alumni association, kickball league, co-workers, gym buddies), and text a person  from a different group each day.  Great way to stay connected!
  3. Take up a new craft. Been wanting to learn to knit?  Paint?  Build ships in a bottle?  You name it – now is your time!
  4. Organize an area of your house. We all have that one drawer, closet, or corner (c’mon, it can’t just be me!).  Now is the time to declutter it!
  5. Journal. Let your feelings flow.  Try to fill an entire page with whatever is on your mind.  Envision all of those thoughts rolling off your shoulders and making your load lighter.
  6. Meditate. It’s one of the most critical parts of my morning routine, and it makes me feel more grounded and centered the entire rest of the day.  Check out this post for more.
  7. Take a bath. Not a bath person?  Me either, honestly.  Check out these free self-care ideas that you might like even better!
  8. Have a dance party. Close those shutters, crank  up the music, and dance your little heart out.  No one is looking, and I PROMISE – it makes you feel 100 times better!
  9. Watch your favorite childhood movie. Now is a great time for nostalgia and comfort – find it in the form of a favorite movie rather than a tub of ice cream!
  10. Make a list of 50 things for which you are grateful. 50 seems like a lot – I know.  But I also know that every single one of us has at least 50 things to be grateful for.  Start basic – the coffee you’re sipping on, go meaningful – your family or pets, and finish deep – a beating heart, the freedom to think your own thoughts.

Do for others

  1. Check in on someone who may have less support. We all need support during these challenging times, and you never know how much a simple text or call might mean to someone who is carrying a lot of stress right now.
  2. Offer to buy groceries for those in need. For the elderly, people with existing medical conditions, or anyone who might be  unable to leave their home, the fear we’re all feeling is heightened even further.  Can you grab a list from a neighbor or friend and help them by shopping for them?
  3. Give blood. Many organizations (e.g. Carter Bloodcare) are desperate for blood right now.  If you are able, volunteer to donate the gift of life.
  4. Support small businesses. Many small businesses are having incredibly hard times right now.  If you can, buy gift cards from them, purchase in  advance, order from (healthy!) local restaurants, or send  them a word of encouragement.
  5. Write a review for a small business. One of the BEST gifts you can give a small business is a great review.  And if you’re up for it, I would so very greatly appreciate your support!  Please review me on Yelp, Google, or Facebook.  Thank you!
  6. Thank a healthcare worker. Doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, public health workers, alternative health providers, and more are all bearing a huge burden right now.  Reach out and thank them profusely!
  7. Fill a bag with things to donate. It’s a perfect time to donate some things you aren’t using any more.  Decluttering and doing good?  Double benefit!
  8. Write 3 thank you notes to people who are meaningful to you. There’s nothing quite like a handwritten thank you note!  Make someone’s day!
  9. Try a loving kindness meditation. This is a particular type of meditation aimed to send positivity and love to yourself, others around you, and the world.  See this post for how to do it.
  10. Go on a trash pick-up walk. What a great way to serve the community around you!  Be sure to wear gloves, and wash your hands afterwards.

Here’s Your Challenge!

Want to take on a MAJOR challenge?  We’ve created a fun “BINGO” card with all of these ideas.  Here’s the deal: each week, try to get one entire row or column!  When you do, take a picture of your card, post on social media (tag me so I see it and can share it!).  I’ll choose a few winners to get extra special prizes! Click here to download it!

Now it’s your turn … What’s the healthiest thing you’ve done during social distancing?  Which of these ideas are you most anxious to try next?


  1. Rachel Winner

    this is great! thank you!

  2. Maryanne Odom

    Thanks for all these great tips, Megan! I shared the bingo card with my daughter who lives in Rhode Island. We are going to play this together. Thanks for your positive attitude during all of this. That attitude is contagious!

    • Megan Lyons

      This makes my day, Maryanne! How are you both doing with the bingo? Let me know and stay safe and healthy!


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