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Did you know that 92% of people fail to reach – and stick with – their health goals?  It’s time to change that, and I have the tactics, strategies, and support system designed to help you be part of the 8%.

Welcome to The 8% Team: a group of goal achievers, supportive and encouraging mentors, health and wellness enthusiasts, and supportive and encouraging teammates.

We believe that you can – and will – achieve your health goals, and we’re going to help you head into 2020 feeling your happiest and healthiest yet!

What is The 8% Team?

The 8% Team is a 12-week, fully-supported program designed to help you achieve your health goals and become your healthiest and happiest self.  From the moment you sign up, you’ll take an intake quiz to help us personalize your experience.  You’ll have weekly accountability and support to guide you, and a supportive and encouraging team of peers working alongside you.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Intake quiz to help set goals and personalize your experience
  • 12 weekly coaching calls with Megan. Each coaching session offers nutrition, health, and wellness tips, as well as mindset coaching and strategies to make your goals reality. Coaching calls will be streamed live (Monday evenings at 6pm CT) so you can get your questions answered and meet other participants virtually, but they’ll also be recorded so you have access for the duration of the program.
  • Handouts, resources, recipes, tips & tricks. Each week features several handouts and resources that you can use to support your health and make reaching your goals a bit easier.
  • Daily accountability tracking via a custom online tracker, with weekly 1-to-1 email check-ins from the Lyons’ Share team to celebrate your progress
  • Facebook group community to share successes, get questions answered, and chat with other 8% Team members
  • Two BONUS “Choose Your Own Adventure” 1-to-1 Coaching sessions with our team of experts
  • Fast Action Bonus for signing up by 9/13: Your own Pepper Planner mailed directly to you in time to start the program

What will we discuss each week?

Each weekly coaching call will feature plenty of time to get your questions answered and ensure you have what you need to reach your goals.  But we’ll also cover a curriculum designed to help you carry the changes you make forward, even after the program has ended.

Here’s what we’ll cover each week:

  • Week 1: Health Assessment and Goal Setting
  • Week 2: General Health Strategies
  • Week 3: Meal Planning & Food Prep (+ strategies for success)
  • Week 4: Balancing “Treat Yourself” vs. “Stick to the Plan”
  • Week 5: Macronutrient Balance & Emotional Eating
  • Week 6: Reading labels & Popular Diets
  • Week 7: Exercise & Your WHY
  • Week 8: Inflammation & Stress Management
  • Week 9: Holiday Party Strategies (+ finding the joy in connection vs food)
  • Week 10: Holiday Meal Strategies & Gratitude
  • Week 11: Answering Your Questions
  • Week 12: Making It Happen in 2020 (+ continuous improvement)

Who else do I get access to, aside from Megan?

We have an amazing support team behind The 8% Team, and each one of us is here to help you succeed.  Hannah Higgins, part of Team Lyons’ Share since 2017, will check in with you weekly and ensure you’re sticking to your goals.  Plus, as a member of The 8% Team, you’ll get two bonus one-to-one consultations with your choice of the experts below.  Whether you want to work on confidence, meditation, mental health, or family eating and general nutrition, we have you covered.  Here are our experts:

  • Sloane Simon (@simonsaysrealfood)
    • Sloane Simon is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner that specializes in helping busy parents adapt their families to a real food lifestyle that works for them. She’s an SMU graduate and lives in North Dallas with her husband, Mark, and 3 young boys, James (6), Robert (4), and Joseph (2).
  • Devyn Walker (@sentfromdevyn)
    • “The mind & body are like parallel universes. Anything that happens in the mental must leave its tracks in the physical” At least that’s what Devyn, Certified Counselor & Yoga Teacher believes. Devyn has 5+ years experience in the mental health/wellness industry & specializes in the mind/body connection. Devyn’s direct approach helps guide her clients through common mental health issues such as anxiety & depression to help them become the best version of themselves mentally AND physically. Devyn’s treatment consists of psychoeducation, meditation, mindfulness, developing healthy coping skills & a individualized self-care routine.
  • Melissa Marks (@your_mindful_edge)
    • Melissa Marks is the Founder and Chief Mindfulness Officer of Your Mindful Edge. She primarily coaches self- described “Over-thinkers,” High Performers and Type A Personalities to become even better at reaching their goals through meditation, mental focusing and relaxation techniques. She is a Mindfulness Coach, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Art Therapist, Certified Meditation Teacher and Certified Yoga Instructor.
  • Brandy Edwards (@theselflovechallenge)
    • Brandy Edwards is an Empowerment Speaker and Coach with an emphasis on confidence and self-love. She created The Self-Love Challenge to motivate, empower and challenge others to love themselves while they work on themselves, in all aspects of their lives and without conditions. If you desire personal growth, self-discovery and want to learn how to practice courage with confidence, you are ready for The Self-Love Challenge.

How much is The 8% Team?

The value of The 8% Team is over $2150, but we want to offer this at the lowest possible cost to ensure that finances don’t hold you back from reaching your goals.  So, the price of the entire 12-week program is $499 (or 3 payments of $170, for $510 total, with the $11 excess going to cover the added credit card processing fees and billing costs).  If you are fully committed to the program and finances are prohibitive, email us with more about your situation, and we’ll see what we can do.

Ready to join?  Sign up here by 9/13 for the Fast Action Bonus of a FREE Pepper Planner to support reaching your goals!  Sign ups officially close 9/20, and the program starts 9/23.

Now it’s your turn … Do you have any questions about The 8% Team?  What’s one goal you can’t wait to accomplish?

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  1. Saguren Redyrs

    The 8% Team seems like such a great movement! This will help so many people reach their health goals. Please share some testimonials about how it went for some of the participants in the months to come.


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