Mindset coaching, strategies and tactics, and goal achievement to head into 2020 feeling your happiest and healthiest yet!

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What to Expect

  • 12 weekly group coaching calls with Megan. Each coaching session offers nutrition, health, and wellness tips, as well as mindset coaching and strategies to make your goals reality
  • Daily accountability tracking, with weekly 1-to-1 email check-ins from the Lyons’ Share team  
  • Facebook group community to share successes and get questions answered 
  • Two BONUS “Choose Your Own Adventure” 1-to-1 Coaching sessions with our team of experts
  • Fast Action Bonus for signing up by 9/13: Your own Pepper Planner mailed directly to you in time to start the program 

8% Team Experts

Brandy Edwards

Self Empowerment Coach

Choose to work with up to two of these amazing coaches!

Devyn Walker

Mental Health Coach

Melissa Marks

Mindfulness Coach

Sloane Simon

Family & Child Nutrition

The Curriculum

  • Week 1: Health Assessment and Goal Setting
  • Week 2: General Health Strategies
  • Week 3: Meal Planning and Food Prep (+ strategies for success)
  • Week 4: Balancing “Treat Yourself” vs. “Stick to the Plan”
  • Week 5: Macronutrient Balance & Emotional Eating
  • Week 6: Reading labels & Popular Diets
  • Week 7: Exercise and your WHY
  • Week 8: Inflammation and stress management
  • Week 9: Holiday Party Strategies (+ finding the joy in connection vs food)
  • Week 10: Holiday Meal Strategies & Gratitude
  • Week 11: Answering your questions
  • Week 12: Making It Happen in 2020 (+ continuous improvement)

About Megan

Megan Lyons is founder and owner of The Lyons' Share Wellness. Through health coaching, group programs, corporate wellness, and speaking, she has helped thousands of people on their journeys to their ultimate health and happiness.

Head Health & Happiness Honcho

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