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healthy holiday giftsConfession: I am the worst at buying gifts.  I love making other people happy, and I consider myself very generous, but it stresses me out tremendously to think about finding “the perfect gift,” getting things ready and wrapped on time, and ensuring that the recipient loves whatever I chose.  So here I am today, December 18th, announcing that (aside from my nieces and nephew, who I excitedly bought for on Black Friday), I literally have bought nothing. I’ll pull it together – I still have a week, after all.  If you’re with me, I have some solutions for you today.  Here are my top 10 last-minute healthy holiday gifts.  Enjoy!

  1. For the time-pressed health nut. Making healthy eating more simple and less time intensive is one of the best gifts you can give a healthy person. A few ways I make my healthy eating easier are getting pre-made, locally-made healthy meals delivered to my doorstep from Territory Foods ($50 discount here), receiving high-quality meat every quarter from Butcher Box (get free bacon and $40 off with this link), and ordering all of my pantry staples (like healthier chips, cacao nibs, ghee, avocado oil, spices, and so much more!) from Thrive Market (25% off your first order here).
  2. For the meal prep enthusiast. If your recipient is a master meal planner and food prepper, he or she will surely love some extra food prep containers. Two of my favorites are these glass snap lock containers and these Stasher bags for my veggie packs!  While you’re at it, why not gift your loved one access to my Meal Planning Mastery Webinar, too?
  3. For the goal-getter. Of course, I can’t make a gift guide without including The Pepper Planner, the planner I launched in November. Reviews from early adopters are raving, and I adore setting my day up for success with the Pepper Planner each morning.  I’ve tried many planners, and I assure you, there isn’t a better combination of health tracking, productivity, positivity, and goal setting on the market!
  4. For the aspiring chef. I use my crockpot, Instant Pot, and Vitamix every single week (or every day, in the case of the Vitamix!). I would be lost without them!  If you’re looking for an incredible kitchen gift for that healthy person in your life, these are my top choices!healthy holiday gifts
  5. For the fitness lover. Fitness classes make exercise more fun for many people, and the accountability they provide is especially helpful to those who might otherwise stay in bed. If you know your recipient’s favorite fitness studio, simply give them a call and see if you can add a few classes to their account.  If not, try ClassPass – a great way to experience new classes with one membership.
  6. For the oops-I-overdid-it athlete. I foam roll every. Single. Night. It prevents muscle soreness and promotes recovery better than any other tool I’ve found (here’s more on the benefits).  The current foam roller I use is this one, which vibrates for even more efficacy.
  7. For the one who’s never without her water. A nice water bottle is always appreciated, and the recipient will think of you multiple times per day as she hydrates! I love this 40-ounce stainless steel version, but the most popular is likely S’well.healthy holiday gifts
  8. For the amazing person who sometimes forgets her worth. I adore my two Mantra Bands that I wear every day. What beautiful reminders of what matters most.  Every time I look at the website, I want just a few more 😊.
  9. For the person who already has it all. I am thrilled that this year, my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, Kevin, and I have decided to make charity donations in each other’s names in lieu of giving gifts. I know it will be the perfect way to recognize each other, while not contributing to additional clutter and making a difference in the world.  If you’re stumped for someone on your list, think of a cause that is important to them, and consider a charitable donation.
  10. For those you love most. Gifts are great, and the intentions behind them are even better. But what those you love most want the most is the gift of your presence.  I challenge you to try to be fully present this holiday season, and see how those around you react.  I’m sure it’s the best gift they’ll receive!

If you want even more, check out my top 50 most recommended Amazon products!

Now it’s your turn … What great gifts have you bought for the healthy people on your list?  Do you love or dread gift buying?

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  1. Meredith

    Love this guide. Thank you for sharing!


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