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It’s the first work day of a brand new year, and by now, you’ve likely seen hundreds of tempting gym membership discounts, diet pill promises, and New Years Resolution reminders that make you feel anything but great.  I’m all about making goals for each new year (in fact, my December webinar was all about that topic), but I encourage you to focus your goals on positivity and self-empowerment, as opposed to comparison, deprivation, and misery.  To combat any negative thoughts that may be circulating in your head this week, here are 7 reminders that I would say to you if we were face to face:


  1. It’s not what you eat today that matters; it’s what you eat every day.  No one single food, meal, day, or even week determines our overall health.  If you’ve had no sugar yesterday and today, that’s great, but the battle is won with persistence and determination.  Don’t hold yourself to unrealistic expectations today and then give up on yourself next week.  Start gradually, and focus on what you can maintain for the long term.
  2. You know your body best … listen to it.  If your best friend is going paleo (or vegan, or joining a new gym, or starting a new habit), but you know that doesn’t make you feel great, then don’t do it!  It’s so tempting to try to “keep up with the Joneses” around this time of year, but if you honestly listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs.  You do you.
  3. You are enough. Right this very minute.  Without changing anything.  It’s great to strive for continuous improvement (I do!), but we all need a reminder that we’re doing great, right now, and that the act of trying to improve doesn’t mean we’re broken or bad right now.  Give yourself a hug and know that you are already good enough.
  4. You deserve to feel great.  I have so many people tell me they will just “never” feel energized, “never” get rid of their bloating, “never” feel fit or in shape.  And they’re wrong.  You deserve to feel great, and it is realistic for you.  But you may have to try things you’ve never done before.  I think we all agree that a Big Mac, large fries, soda, and cookie doesn’t make us feel our best (but again, see #2!), but what else can you change to see how great you feel?  Have you tried giving up dairy for 2 weeks?  Changing to a savory breakfast?  Adding in a veggie pack?  Experiment with your health, and don’t settle for feeling less than amazing.
  5. Your body hears your thoughts.  Every time you say “ugh, I hate my muffin top,” “I’m so ugly,” “you look huge today,” or any other terribly cruel thing that we would never say to our best friends but that often run through our minds, your body sheds a little tear.  And even though this sounds a bit woo-woo, the energy that you project with your thoughts can either make your goals easier to achieve … or a lot harder.  If you walk around thinking “I’ll never reach my goal,” you aren’t likely to feel motivated to perform the actions that would help you reach that goal.  Think positive thoughts, and when you catch yourself thinking negative ones, follow it quickly with a positive one.  I’ll bet you will be surprised at what a difference this makes!
  6. Success requires your best … nothing more, nothing less.  Its’ not all rainbows and unicorns around here.  Because change is often tough, and that’s OK!  It’s not helpful to beat ourselves up and focus on ways we’re not good enough, but at the same time, it’s not helpful to tell ourselves we don’t have to try hard and be complacent with our goals.  Prepare yourself to fight for what you want, and keep striving for growth, even when it seems easier to sit back and relax.  Then, at the end of each day, tell yourself you did a great job, and know that you did exactly what you needed to do (see #3!).
  7. It’s not about eating as little as possible … it’s about loading up on as many nourishing foods as possible.  Starvation simply doesn’t work, and it’s a pretty miserable way to go through life.  Your goal is not to be hungry all the time, restrict yourself, or eat as few calories as possible.  Instead, focus on filling up on nourishing foods that provide the energy and vitality you need to live your best life.  If you need a jumpstart on this mentality, check out my 10-Day Reset below!

If you want to start 2018 in the most positive, energizing, healthy way possible, The Lyons’ Share Reset is for you.  Our focus on reducing inflammatory foods helps your body feel great (you can expect less bloating, more energy, fewer cravings, better sleep, and more!), and our strong community and support system helps your mind, heart, and soul feel great (you can expect to celebrate your successes every day, rather than beating yourself up!).  The Reset starts Monday, but sign-ups may end as soon as tomorrow!  Join us at!


Now it’s your turn … What do you want to tell yourself to start 2018 healthily, mentally and physically?


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