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7 Tips Series

7 Things I Learned from Finishing a Half Ironman

The Challenge I thrive on challenge.  Moving through life comfortably without really having to push yourself might be appealing to some, but feeling like I am constantly growing and expanding my own possibilities is what keeps me energized.  Plus, I believe that creating challenges for myself, and learning to overcome them, helps me be better…

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7 healthy swaps

7 Healthy Swaps

I believe that reaching our health goals should not feel like deprivation, and that there’s always a way to fit someone’s dietary needs and preferences into their existing lifestyle.  It’s one of the reasons I don’t support a one-size-fits-all nutrition plan, but help my clients come up with unique goals that feel motivating and fun,…

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why mix up workouts

7 Reasons Why You Should Mix Up Your Workouts

Today I’ve got a special guest post from my friend Natalie Wolfe. Learn more about Natalie, and her amazing app StudioHop, below the post! Yoga. Pilates. Barre. CrossFit. Running. Stretching. Walking. Spin. HIIT. There are so many fitness options these days, but how do you choose just one? Answer: you don’t. Although varying up your…

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is healthy food more expensive

Is Healthy Food More Expensive? Top Budget-Friendly Healthy Eating Tips

Trust me, in my job as a health coach, I hear all the reasons why people “can’t” eat healthily, and most of them are just excuses.  But when someone says they can’t eat healthily because it’s more expensive, my heart hurts for them.  So today, I’ll address the common question, “Is healthy food more expensive?”…

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How to Stay Healthy at Holiday Parties

‘Tis the season, and many of my clients are starting to have several holiday parties each week (which makes my introverted side tired just *thinking* about it, but that’s beside the point!).  If you only go to one or two holiday parties per year, a bit of extra sugar and a drink or two probably…

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