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holiday gifts for health fanatic

The holidays are just around the corner, and you’re officially out of ideas.  If you’re anything like me, you love giving gifts, but hate choosing the gifts to buy.  Slippers for grandpa, pajamas for the kids, and an apron for Aunt Sally might cut it, but what about that person on your list who recently went on a health kick?  Or (maybe even worse), that person who has been on a health kick for as long as you can remember, and seemingly already has everything?  Here, I share my top 10 gifts for your favorite health fanatic, to help you make your favorite fitness lover’s day (even if that fitness lover is yourself!).  Enjoy!

Top 10 Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Health Fanatic

  1. Amazon Prime Membership ( amazon primeYour favorite health nut is probably so busy working out and cooking healthy meals that he or she has no time to actually go shopping, and Amazon Prime is a lifesaver.  I buy everything from pantry staples to running shoes to nearly everything on this gift list from Amazon, making the yearly membership fee worth the price several times over.
  2. Fitbit Charge HR ( fitbitFrom competing with friends in daily activity levels to monitoring sleep quality and heart rate throughout the day, the Fitbit Charge HR provides health and fitness data that any self-quantification junkie will appreciate.
  3. Foam Roller ( Working out is great for the body, mind, and heart, but sometimes tough on the muscles.  If your favorite fitness lover has stiffness, sore muscles, or a burgeoning injury, nightly foam rolling will be a much welcome relief.
  4. Massage: When foam rolling just isn’t cutting it, a massage is the best possible answer to stiffness and soreness.  Google your favorite wellness warrior’s local massage studio (be sure to check ratings first!), and see if they offer online gift certificates.  The gift of relaxation is one of the best!
  5. Filtering water bottle ( For those who are frequently on the run, whether traveling for work, making sales calls in the field, or constantly driving, getting good quality drinking water can be tough.  Make it easy by giving this portable water bottle with a built-in filter.
  6. Compression socks ( socksCompression socks increase blood flow to the entire legs and speed muscle recovery, perfect for after long runs or killer sessions at the gym.  Wearing them for a few hours post-workout (or even to bed that night) can have your gift recipient hitting the road in record time without any soreness.
  7. Instant Pot ( I have written several posts about how the crockpot makes healthy eating so much quicker and easier (get one at, and the Instant Pot takes this to an entirely new level.  Cook a whole chicken in 20 minutes, rice in 8 minutes, and broccoli in 2 minutes.  This pressure cooker is safe, simple to use, and preserves most of the nutrients from your food.
  8. Glass Tupperware ( Any healthy cook knows that it is easier to cook once and eat several times, so saving leftovers is critical.  These glass snapware containers can be frozen or heated, and stack nicely in the refrigerator, making Meal Prep Sunday less of a hassle.
  9. 5-Minute Journal ( A daily habit of gratitude can improve body confidence, increase frequency of positive emotions, improve relationships, and much more.  Why not make someone’s year a bit happier in just 5 minutes per day?
  10. Muse Headband ( muse-headbandFor the health maven who has conquered nutrition and fitness, mental well-being is often the next step, and meditation is particularly trendy (and effective) in this area.  This gift is more expensive (and admittedly more “on the fringe”) than the others, but the right person will absolutely adore it.  I meditate with my own Muse headband daily, and love the feedback it gives me as it monitors my brain wave activity and teaches me how to meditate more effectively.
  11. Honorable Mention: Fabletics Membership ( For that member of your family who is always sporting the latest workout gear, a monthly delivery of fashionable fitness attire is like Christmas every single month.  A gift card to Fabletics allows you to give this benefit without having to actually pick out the clothes.

Now it’s your turn … What’s the best health-related gift you’ve given or received?


  1. Celia Hall

    The best health-related gift I’ve given (and giving this Christmas) is your book: Start Here!

    • Megan Lyons

      Thank you so much for this kind comment, and for giving the gift of my book, Celia! I really appreciate it and hope you are doing well.


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