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Happy Motivation Monday!

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If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I’m not into fad diets.  There’s no magic pill, there’s (generally) no reason to be really-ridiculously-strict with your diet and drop weight fast (because you’re more likely to gain it back or readopt your old, less healthy habits).  Instead, health should be about a lifestyle.  I drink plenty of water and eat plenty of vegetables every single day without fail, because I’ve made those two things part of my regular lifestyle.  On days when something prevents me from achieving the healthy habits that are normal for me, I feel “off.”  It’s just what I do!  And, in my opinion, that should be the goal for most health habits.

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All that said, sometimes it’s easier said than done to just create a habit.  This is one reason that I think a challenge or an action plan to reach your goal can be incredibly helpful!  Sure, today I don’t track my water intake daily, but I absolutely did as I was building up to my own healthy hydration levels.  That’s the whole reason I developed my 30-Day Challenge app to help people develop the habit of healthy hydration!  (Please get it now if you haven’t yet, and thank you for the great feedback from those of you who have it!)

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Having a goal and participating in a challenge is also helpful to keep people excited about health and to keep things fresh.  I personally love 30-day challenges, because they keep me excited about a new goal, help jumpstart new healthy habits, and just mix things up from the daily routine.

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I’m constantly tracking my own progress on goals that I set for myself, whether they be monthly business goals, running training plans that I set for myself, various health goals that I’m working on at any given time, and so on.  Having a goal keeps me motivated, focused, and continuously improving!

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So … do you want to join me on my next 30-day challenge?  I want to start a challenge for myself, and I thought I’d invite you to join me … for free!  If you’re interested, help me decide what kind of challenge to do by clicking this link to vote.  The commitment will be minimal … I’ll develop a printable calendar (starting February 16th), send weekly motivational emails, and look forward to hearing your progress!!

30-day challenge

So tell me in the comments … Do you like free 30-Day challenges as much as I do?


  1. Karen

    I already do the gratitude challenge, so I chose BOTH the Relaxation/self-love and the Healthy habits challenges. Was I allowed to chose 2 ???


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