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Happy Motivation Monday!

jen and darin wedding weekend

I attended a beautiful wedding in San Diego this past weekend, and throughout the several days of celebrations, I took the opportunity to look around. Have you ever noticed that during a wedding ceremony, everyone in the audience is smiling from ear to ear? They are obviously happy for the marrying couple and happy to be enjoying the celebration, but I think a big, unrecognized part of the happiness is a reflection of what they see. Most of us simply can’t help but break out into a grin when we see someone who is obviously happy herself.  Let’s face it, you probably smiled just looking at our smiles (and goofy faces) in the wedding pictures above, right?

smile for no reason

(picture source)

It is natural for most of us to smile back if someone we pass on the streets smiles at us. When we see a baby giggle, we instinctively break into a smile, too. When we see a happy ending to a movie, we feel the joy of the main characters as if it were our own.

So why not use this “happiness reflection” phenomenon to brighten up someone’s day today? If you are happy, radiant, and smiling, I can almost guarantee that your happiness will impact others. And what better scenario can you imagine for a Monday than to have two more people smiling and happy, just to be alive?

make yourself happy so others become happy - blog 9.28.14

(picture source, although I don’t think that’s the original source)

So tell me in the comments … Do you smile when you see others smiling? What can you do today to make someone smile?


  1. Tina muir

    Awwww what a lovely post, you just did it, you made me smile. This is so true, like they say, smile, and the whole world smiles with you. I try to do this as much as possible, and it is amazing what a smile or random act of kindness can do to someones live. Thanks for the reminder Megan!

  2. Carina

    I was expecting a bride pic, still trying to imagine what her dress looked like. You look so happy and lovely in all the shots. LOVE that black and white dress you’re wearing in the first pic. Was that just for dinner one night? For the bonfire? When shopping this weekend, I pointed out a really pretty black and white dress and my mom said “I knew you’d like that, you’ve always liked black and white dresses.” I didn’t realize it, but she’s right!

    I like the smiling reflection. I bought a bday gift for my best friend at the fair and the guy who sold it to me was from Taiwan (lives in the area now though) and I broke out some awful Chinese on him and he was so friendly and told me in Chinese to have a nice day at the fair (though he had to translate it for me). But afterward I was smiling ear to ear and as I walked over to my folks they both started smiling at me — truly contagious.

    • Megan Lyons

      Thanks so much for the compliments!! I love black and white dresses, too :). In fact, I almost always dress in black and white with a splash of color (usually pink). I recently went to a networking event and the speaker was an author of a book on how the colors we wear influence others’ perception of us. She said that black and white suggests power – when people see you wearing black and white, they think you’re in charge. Then, the splash of pink softens the look and makes you approachable as well. Interesting, huh?

      I’ll show you a pic of the bride’s dress when you return from your world travels! I love your story about the Taiwanese man and your Chinese!

  3. Susie @ SuzLyfe

    I love to make others smile. I love humor and brightening up people’s days. That said, there are times when I walk down the street and I think WHY ARE THOSE PEOPLE SMILING???

    • Megan Lyons

      Haha, I hear you, Susie, but even if it gets some people to think you’re a little crazy, it’s still fun to smile! 🙂

  4. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    A friend once told me that if you force yourself to smile during a hard run (or workout) it will actually help you keep going. Apparently the act of smiling – even if you don’t feel smiley – makes you feel better.

  5. Ruthie@She'sWickedHealthy

    I totally believe smiles are contagious! I always try and meet people’s eyes and give a smile – and ALWAYS smile back!

  6. jill conyers

    Yes! I always smile back. Ironically, I work with someone who never smiles. Ever! I smile at him (and say hello) every time I see him. He does NOT smile back. Yet! I’ll keep trying.

    • Megan Lyons

      That’s crazy, Jill! I’m the complete opposite – I am ALWAYS smiling, even if it’s not the most appropriate situation. I know you’ll rub off on your coworker eventually!

  7. Brit

    I LOVE this post Megan – everything you said is SO true. I hope you have a wonderful week full of joy and happiness!

  8. Gary

    Smiles are cheap and easy to give, but to some, it is for some reason known, or perhaps even unknown , to them as difficult to receive and reciprocate. Don’t let the recipient dull your smile enthusiasm. Most will welcome a smile and those few troubled others will one day surprise even themselves with a smile back.


  1. It's OK to feel - […] “fake it until you make it” mentality is actually proven to be true!), and that just a simple smile…

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