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About a month ago, I shared my “Burnin’ Arms and Abs” workout, which I created for my cousin Michelle as she was recovering from her broken leg.  Well, today is the perfect time to post the second workout I created for Michelle, because she got off of her crutches this weekend!!  Sadly, she didn’t get to use my workouts too many times, since her crutches gave her a pinched nerve in her neck, but I have done both workouts a few times and enjoyed them, so I hope you will, too!  I heard from several of you who enjoyed the Burnin’ Arms and Abs workout, so now you’ll have a second upper body workout to add to the mix.  Remember that you can use the menu bar at the top of the page (go to “Fitness” then choose “Lyons’ Share Workouts” from the drop-down menu), or see my Pinterest boards, if you want more workouts!

If you’re doing this workout because you have a leg or knee injury, almost all of the moves (including the warm-up) can be done either seated in a chair or lying on your back (of course, do NOT do anything that causes extra pain to your injury!).  If you don’t have an injury, I recommend doing the warm-up in a “boxer’s stance” and standing (or squatting for a bonus!) for the workout series.  The workout is a great add-on to a cardio session (do each circuit once), or as a stand-alone workout (do each circuit twice).  Going through Circuit 1 and Circuit 2 once each took me 13 minutes, so with the warm-up, this could be (about) an 18-minute or 31-minute workout total.  Like the previous arm and abs workout, this one calls for a set of light, medium, and heavy weights, but feel free to modify based on what you have available.  Enjoy!

arm and ab power circuit workout The Lyons Share

Arm and Ab Power Circuit Workout – Exercise Explanations and Video Links:

  1. Speedbag: at face level, rotate your fists forward rapidly as if you were hitting a speedbag
  2. Jabs: alternate arms
  3. Cross-jabs: alternate arms
  4. Hooks: alternate arms
  5. Arm runs: in squat position, mimic arm motion of running very rapidly, holding light weights
  6. Bicep curls
  7. Overhead press
  8. Woodchop: bring one weight across your body, from low on the left to high on the right (and vice versa)
  9. Overhead tricep extensions: holding one weight between both hands, bend arms so weight goes behind your head, and straighten up to the ceiling
  10. Straight-arm side raises
  11. Oblique side-to-side crunches
  12. Reverse bicep curl: just like a bicep curl, but your palms face down
  13. Tilted shoulder raise: holding weights, raise arms out to side (“T” position), rotate palms backwards, return to sides, and lower
  14. Mason twists
  15. Chest press
  16. Dumbbell fly: laying on floor, bring arms out to “T” position, palms facing up, and bring dumbbells together to touch overhead
  17. Toe touches

*I am not a trainer, doctor, or physical therapist, so please consult with your doctor if you do actually have a leg injury, or before beginning any exercise program.

Wish Kevin Good Luck!

I hate to mention injuries twice in one post, but they can be an unfortunate part of the exercise lifestyle.  I recently mentioned that Kevin has a torn meniscus, and he’s having surgery to repair it tomorrow.  He’s been SUCH a trooper so far (and anyone who loves exercise but has been forced to rest for several weeks due to injury knows how hard this is!), and the recovery time depends a lot on the outcome of tomorrow’s surgery.  So, please send your “good luck” wishes his way – I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to read the comments!  I’ll be sure to update you on the surgery on Friday’s post.

So tell me in the comments … What’s your favorite body part to work in the gym?  Have you ever been injured and been forced to take time off from exercise?  Send Kevin a “good luck” wish!


  1. Davida @ The Healthy Maven

    Best of luck Kevin!!! Thinking of both of you.

    And you’ve heard way too much about my stupid leg, although it is finally on the mend! Thank you hot yoga! I had an urge to do some core and arm work yesterday and actually thought of your workout but ended up airing on the side of caution and sleeping instead 🙂 I think by next week I should be doing well enough to try it out! Or this one too. Can’t wait 🙂

    • Kevin Lyons

      Thanks Davida! Glad to hear that your leg is getting back to normal!

    • Megan Lyons

      Thanks, Davida. I’m so glad you’re healing, and I think you’re VERY smart to err on the side of caution and rest!! You will bounce back like a champ when you’re finally recovered, and the core and arm workout will be there waiting! Man, every time you mention hot yoga I remind myself that I really need to get back. I’m hoping to avoid a work trip this weekend, and if I do I think that would be a great time to go!

  2. Karen

    Rumor has it that cookie dough brownies are VERY helpful in the healing process !!!!! Do you believe ??? I will be in the waiting room keeping Megan preoccupied while she anxiously awaits the successful results from the doctor.:)
    GOOD LUCK !!!!

    • Kevin Lyons

      I think I’ve heard that somewhere too 😉 Thanks Karen!!

    • Megan Lyons

      Thanks for all the support, Mom!! You are the best, and Kevin and I both appreciate it!

  3. Laurie

    Good luck, Kevin! Sending you good vibes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery!

    • Megan Lyons

      Thank you, Laurie! I think you’re dealing with a minor injury, too, so I hope it stays minor and you recover quickly!

  4. Arman @ thebigmansworld

    All the best to Kevin- sending well wishes and a kangaroo burger your way 😉 Thats so nice of you to write that up for your cousin! My favourite body part to train is chest…its also my weakest. Ironically, I really dislike legs and they are my strongest. Figures!

    • Megan Lyons

      Thank you, Arman! He would love a kangaroo burger – he was starving this morning when he couldn’t eat! Really interesting that you like your weakest part the most … I’m the opposite. I like training my legs (my strongest too) because I feel better about the weight I can lift or the moves I can do! I feel so wimpy when I get to triceps so that’s my least favorite!

  5. Allison @ Life's a Bowl

    Sending Kevin lots of well wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery! Ryan had ankle surgery last Thanksgiving and unfortunately it’s looking like he has to have it again this fall because it hasn’t healed properly… Injuries are never fun, no matter what body part they are :/

    • Megan Lyons

      Thank you so much, Allison! I’m so sorry about Ryan’s surgery. Fingers crossed that the second time is successful!

  6. Amy @ Long Drive Journey

    Good luck Kevin!! You’re probably in surgery right now, so I’m thinking of you and sending prayers your way!

    Megan, YES for another ab and arm workout! And YES to the fact that I can print out the image you posted! I will definitely be trying it!

    • Megan Lyons

      Thanks, Amy – it worked! Just got the news from the doctor that it went well. Appreciate it! Glad you’re going to try this one, hope it hurts-so-good! 🙂

    • Megan Lyons

      Thanks, Amanda! These types of circuits are perfect for days like that!

    • Megan Lyons

      Thanks for checking up on Kevin, Laura! He’s doing really well already!

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