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Lyons’ Share Workouts

Alphabet Full Body Blast (Cabo Workout 4 of 4)

Are you ready for one more workout?  I unintentionally left you hanging after sharing 3 of the 4 workouts I created while in Cabo last month (check them out here).  Well, here is the 4th one!  This Alphabet Full Body Blast is a tough workout, but as the name implies, it works your entire body and gives you cardio…

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Beach Body Burnout (Cabo Workout 3 of 4)

Today, I’m bringing you yet another workout to Pin and add to your collection!  This Beach Body Burnout is part of a series of 4 workouts that I created while I was in Cabo San Lucas a few weeks ago (see the rest here).  I hope you enjoy! This workout simply divides whatever cardio you choose…

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Cabo Workout (2 of 4): 150 Burpee Challenge!

On Friday, I told you about how I decided to do at least 30 burpees every day on my recent vacation, shared my Countdown Calorie Slasher, and promised to share all of the workouts I did.  Well, today, you get one more! For me, burpees represent the epitome of a tough workout.  They work your…

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Countdown Calorie Slasher

I recently returned from an 8-day, all-inclusive vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  Yes … endless buffets, free-flowing drinks, and lots of lazy pool time.  Certainly not the day-to-day routine for a health coach!  I used several strategies to ensure that I left Cabo feeling just as healthy and vibrant as I did when I arrived, and one…

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New Year Countdown Workout!

First things first … as we have reached the final day of 2014, I want to thank you for supporting The Lyons’ Share by reading this blog.  If you’re not a subscriber to my newsletter and don’t follow me on Facebook, you may have missed my 2014 Thank You video.  If you haven’t seen it,…

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