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Becoming an Experiential Billionaire with Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff

Today’s post features a few key takeaways from a recent Wellness Your Way podcast interview.  Find the full episode here and be sure to subscribe to Wellness Your Way so you don’t miss future episodes!

Guest Bio: Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff

Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff are obsessed with experiences. Determined to unlock the secrets of their power to transform lives, they have spent years interviewing social science experts, conducting the largest study on life experiences ever done, and turning themselves into experiential guinea pigs.

Together they have trained to be samurai, danced with the northern lights, tracked silverback gorillas in a hailstorm, stood face to face with hungry lions on safari, absorbed life lessons from Maasai Mara tribesmen, sped across glaciers on dogsleds, built schools for kids in need, studied with monks, helped give 50,000 people hearing, swum with sharks, worked with A-list celebrities, seen the seven wonders of the world, gave away millions of dollars for social good, spoke on stage with Sir Richard Branson, starred in commercials seen by tens of millions, and explored the experiential riches life has to offer.

Top Insights from Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff’s Interview

  1. Experiences are the most valuable things in people’s lives. After surveying over 20,000 people, experiences topped the list as most valuable in the lives of those who were included. Regardless of whether negative or positive, experiences are powerful. 
  2. The biggest regrets for people are the things they didn’t do, not what they did do. It’s important to realize that every single day is a blessing. We have to take advantage of the days that we have.
  3. It’s important to invest in daily experiences. Don’t fall into the trap of “someday”. Instead, be intentional about living and working on your goals now because you don’t know how long you have
  4. Assess and look at what matters to you in your life. Most people find that when they start doing the things that are really important to them, their life becomes better as a whole. This is the message
  5. The world we live in is designed to take our time away. Whether it’s work, technology, or entertainment, you can very easily do nothing that you actually want to do. You must be intentional and mindful of having urgency to experience what you want in life.
  6. Find a way to have joy and increase play in our life now. Don’t keep pushing things off to next month, or next year. The gift is in finding a way to make life happen now. This will create many positive ripple effects in your life.
  7. Let your life be an example to others. People in your life will learn the most from what you do. Don’t tell them to follow their dreams and go after what they want, but you don’t. You achieving your goals and dreams, gives permission for others to do the same.

Want to hear the full episode, including why it’s important to invest in daily experiences, how to take back your time and experience more in life, how increasing the urgency in your life can be beneficial, and so much more?

Want to pick up Bridget & Joe’s book, Experiential Billionaire? Grab a copy here! 

Head over here to catch the full episode with Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff!

Now it’s your turn!  What is one thing you learned from this interview?

Want to hear about this topic in audio format? → Check out the podcast episode here!


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