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Snowed-In Speedwork (Treadmill Workout)

OK ... confession time.  I am not snowed in.  I actually enjoy running in cold weather, and it was above freezing with no snow on the ground when I did this workout. I'm comfortable with running in the dark in the mornings when I travel, but something about running in...

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Quick and Sweaty Treadmill Blast

Happy Workout Wednesday!  I've mentioned my general dislike for the treadmill before - running on the treadmill makes the workout pass much more slowly, and is usually less enjoyable than running outside.  One thing that does make me enjoy the treadmill is inserting...

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Arm and Ab Power Circuit Workout, and Wish Kevin Good Luck!

About a month ago, I shared my "Burnin' Arms and Abs" workout, which I created for my cousin Michelle as she was recovering from her broken leg.  Well, today is the perfect time to post the second workout I created for Michelle, because she got off of her crutches...

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Burnin’ Arms and Abs Circuit Workout

**If you haven't checked out my guest post on Loving on the Run's blog, please do so!  It includes tips for maintaining your health when your significant other eats differently than you.** A few weeks ago, my cousin Michelle broke her leg while competing in a relay...

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9/11 Memorial Workout

There aren't words to describe the tragedy, pain, inanity, and suffering of September 11th, and today, I won't even try.  However, I hope you take a moment to remember that day with a heavy heart, put things into perspective, and use the memories to be grateful...

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Calorie-Blasting ABCBC Treadmill Workout

(Note that this graphic is fixed from the initial version, which mistakenly listed section B as lasting for 10 minutes instead of 15!  Thanks to Molly for finding this!) Before you think I've lost my mind, don't worry ... I still don't like the "dreadmill."  In fact,...

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Flat Abs in 5 Minutes Workout

On most days after my run or workout, I do some form of core work.  The benefits of core work are huge: not only does having a strong core give you nice, flat abs, but a strong core also helps prevent injury while running or working out, relieve back pain from sitting...

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500 Rep Circuit Workout

Are you sticking with the 30-day squat challenge?  I am, and I'm definitely feeling it from time to time - awesome!  If you're participating, you know that today is a squat-rest-day, but I'm not going to let you off the hook that easily :).  I've created a new circuit...

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