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Today, I’m bringing you yet another workout to Pin and add to your collection!  This Beach Body Burnout is part of a series of 4 workouts that I created while I was in Cabo San Lucas a few weeks ago (see the rest here).  I hope you enjoy!

beach body burnout workout

This workout simply divides whatever cardio you choose to do into two sections (I chose to run 3 miles at each of the two “run” sections, but you could choose to ride a bike around the block, walk for 5 minutes, or any other form of cardio you choose).  Here is an explanation or video for each of the moves:

  • Home wreckers: This is the hardest one!  Read it through and practice a few times … it will get easier!  First, with weights in your hands, do a push-up.  Then, row with your right arm (like this).  Do a push-up, and row with your left arm.  Do one more push-up.  Then, jump both feet into your chest in a squat thrust (like this) three times.  Finally, do 4 mountain climbers (like this).  The 3 push-ups with 2 rows, 3 squat thrusts, and 4 mountain climbers are ONE repetition.  Do 10!
  • Ball crunches
  • Bridge lifts
  • Burpees
  • Jump squats
  • Bicep curls
  • Oblique weighted crunches

As always, this is not intended as medical advice.  Please go at your own level and modify according to your needs.

Now it’s your turn … What is the best workout you’ve done in the past week?  What is your workout for today?  Get out there and get that heart pumping!

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  1. paige

    hey megan! love to catch up soon! I’ve been doing tread barre on hillcrest since the baby was about 6 weeks old and i feel great — but eating is a challenge because I don’t have enough hands or time …. need some essentials for energy and keeping myself healthy …. xoxo



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