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I recently returned from an 8-day, all-inclusive vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  Yes … endless buffets, free-flowing drinks, and lots of lazy pool time.  Certainly not the day-to-day routine for a health coach!  I used several strategies to ensure that I left Cabo feeling just as healthy and vibrant as I did when I arrived, and one of the most important strategies was exercise.

cabo sunset

Yes, I hit the hotel gym every single day while I was on vacation!  Exercise is always energizing and relaxing for me, and fitting in exercise while on vacation is especially important to me, because I know I am more likely to enjoy more indulgent food than I otherwise would.  While I always tell my clients not to feel guilty about splurging a little bit on vacation, fitting in my daily exercise helps me stay true to this belief.  I feel accomplished, energized, less bloated, and in control of my health just by fitting in a bit of exercise.  Sounds like a win all around!

megan and kevin cabo

While I was in Cabo, I randomly decided that I would do 30 burpees per day, at a minimum (I do burpees just like this – with the push-up!).  This mini-challenge served to keep me motivated, and helped ensure that even if I chose not to get to the gym, at least I was doing something every day.  Guess what?  I ended up doing far more than that each day … going to show that when you convince yourself to do something (walk for only 5 minutes! do 3 yoga poses!), it will often turn into more.

megan and kevin cabo 2

In addition to my burpee challenge, I created 4 workouts for myself that I rotated through each day.  So, over the next few days, I will share one of these workouts each day with you!  As you save them for your later use, please Pin them or share them on Facebook so others can find them, too!

Today I will share my Countdown Calorie Slasher workout.  For this workout, I ran 3 miles at the beginning and 3 miles at the end, but feel free to do any type and amount of cardio that you choose.

countdown calorie slasher workout

A few moves that may need explanations:

I guarantee you’ll feel the burn if you complete this workout!  Enjoy!  (Of course, this is not intended as medical advice, and you should always go at a level that feels comfortable to your body and fitness level).

This is one of four workouts I created while in Cabo.  The other workouts are:

Now it’s your turn … Do you enjoy working out on vacation?


  1. Carina

    I vote next post includes a pic of the dress you wore, I want to see!

    Did you run off resort? I’ve actually never done that in any place that has a lot of all-inclusive resorts (hence my treadmill half-marathon in Jamaica; my date’s parents felt very strongly that I should not leave the resort alone, and I ended up not fighting it).

    I’m impressed you worked out so much on your trip. I usually plan to work out on vacation, but almost never get around to it (well, except running, which I’m great about doing on vacation, but I always tell myself I want to do a push-up challenge or dips or something and don’t…).

  2. Michael Anderson

    Awesome pics! I especially love the one with the ocean in the background (haha – all three have the ocean in the background!).

    I agree that keeping active is a key to feeling good on vacation, but for me I do things different on vacation with the family then when I am away for work travel.

    When I am traveling solo (or in a group for work) I will exercise at least once per day – and generally twice, once in the morning and again after a usually long and exhausting work day before dinner.

    But with the family, the key for me is to relax and stay active. While I am the only runner, and my wife and older son can’t run due to joint issues, we are not ‘sit on the beach’ people … we walk. Even visiting NYC in the arctic cold last month we walked at least 7 miles each day according to my Garmin! Getting in that activity and moving around really helps you to not feel ‘blah’ and we were all commenting how we tend to eat less that way as well (y’know the ‘pass the time’ eating?)

    I think it is a great strategy for travel – figure out a way to be active that works with your family and your schedule and way of doing things.



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