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The Future of Health with Ari Tulla

Today’s post features a few key takeaways from a recent Wellness Your Way podcast interview.  Find the full episode here and be sure to subscribe to Wellness Your Way so you don’t miss future episodes!

Guest Bio: Ari Tulla

Ari Tulla is an entrepreneur, investor, dad, wannabe surfer, and avid rock climber living in San Francisco. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Elo, a precision nutrition service transforming food from the cause of disease to medicine. Previously Ari was CEO of Quest Analytics, co-founder and CEO of BetterDoctor, and head of app/games studios at Nokia. Ari is also an active angel investor in over 40 startups including Oura, Virta Health, and Good Eggs.

Top Insights from Ari Tulla’s Interview

  1. Our food system is killing us. 90 % of people are metabolically sick in today’s world. 50% of people are obese. Along with the food systems, there are many environmental factors that also cause issues.
  2. It takes 20 years to get sick, but you can heal in a year. Many people don’t realize that many conditions are reversible if you change your nutrition.
  3. We can improve nutrition by measuring it first. Right now, we don’t have good measurements for nutrition to really be able to positively improve it. If we have daily feedback loops from nutrition, we can know what is optimal for individuals on a personal level.
  4. Top things to measure for health: specific tests, sleep, and morning nutrition. Everyone should order a yearly (or more regular) full blood panel from their doctor (or their favorite certified nutritionist :)) including a lipid panel, A1C for blood sugar, CRP for inflammation, and test for minerals. We can improve sleep by simply going to bed earlier to make sure we are getting enough quality sleep. Lastly, being mindful of the nutrition you start your day with is essential. Don’t start your day with high-carb or sugary foods as this may cause you to eat 20% more throughout the day.
  5. The benefits of fasting are immense, for the right person. If you fast every now and then it can be super powerful. Ari believes you may be able to add years to your life by fasting several times a year and that research will eventually reflect this.  See this post for more on intermittent fasting
  6. Technology can help us to learn about our bodies better. When we use devices such as the Oura ring or blood glucose monitors, we can teach ourselves how to notice subtle differences in our bodies, learn valuable things, and feel more in tune with ourselves.
  7. Food is medicine. Nutrition can be used for good, to make us healthier, and allow us to live better lives.  You as Lyons’ Share readers already knew this, but isn’t it cool to see this making its way into the popular arena?
  8. Reimbursed nutrition is on the horizon for the future within the next 5 years. Food will be recognized as medicine and will be able to be prescribed by doctors, paid for by insurance plans and employers, and Medicare and Medicaid.

Want to hear the full episode, including the future of health, the benefits of fasting, Ari’s top things to measure for health, how Elo Health is changing the nutrition landscape, the importance of food as medicine, how technology helps us learn our bodies better and so much more?

Head over here to catch the full episode with Ari Tulla!

Now it’s your turn!  What is one thing you learned from this interview?

🎙️ Want to hear about this topic in audio format? → Check out the podcast episode here!


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