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6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health

A few years ago, when I was putting together my signature health program, The Revitalize Health Accelerator, I worked hard to boil health education down to 12 critical pillars.  The goal in creating 12 pillars was to cover every bit of holistic nutrition and wellness that was broadly applicable to someone looking to improve their health.  I worked tirelessly to ensure that I left no stone unturned, and the 12 pillars of health that I came up with then have been proven over and over, by hundreds of people who have been through the program.

Because these 12 pillars of health are so important to everyone, I want to share them with you today.  I can’t write a blog post that would cover every bit of the knowledge contained in the Revitalize Health Accelerator – that would be a several-volume book!  So instead, I set out to give you one easy way to improve your health from each of the 12 pillars of health from the Revitalize Health Accelerator.  But even then, it became SO long that I’ve stopped myself after the first 6.  So, here’s a taste of 1% of the information you’d gain in Revitalize, formulated as 6 easy ways to improve your health!

Ready?  Let’s dive in!

6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Health

Pillar 1

Pillar 1 of Revitalize is Goal Setting. We cover why goal setting is important, the 6 steps of goal setting that I’ve used to set goals from business to relationships to health, DREAM goals (better than SMART goals!), how to stay accountable to your goals, whether or not to use the scale to measure health progress, and more.  But here’s your easy way to improve your health tip on goal setting: Break your health goals down into smaller steps. Sometimes, big goals can feel overwhelming. To make them more manageable and less intimidating, break them down into smaller, actionable steps. Each step should be achievable on its own and contribute to the overall goal. By focusing on one step at a time, you can make progress and build momentum toward your larger goal.

For example, if your goal is to start meal prepping your food, you can break it down into smaller steps like meal planning (but still planning for food that you’ll buy, not make), then prepping breakfasts for the week, then adding in snacks, then adding in lunches, then adding in roasted vegetables that you’ll have with dinner, etc. These smaller steps make the larger goal of meal prepping more approachable and achievable.

Breaking your goals into smaller steps not only makes them more attainable but also provides a sense of accomplishment as you tick off each milestone along the way.

6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health

Pillar 2

Pillar 2 of Revitalize is SHINE. SHINE is an acronym for the 5 most foundational health habits that I believe set a baseline for everyone, and we cover Starting the day with positivity (that’s a morning routine, like the one you learn about in this post!), Hydration, Introspection, Nutrient intake, and Exercise.  It’s a hefty one!  But here’s your easy way to improve your health tip on hydration: Thirst can sometimes be mistaken for hunger: The sensation of thirst is not always straightforward and can be easily confused with feelings of hunger. As a result, sometimes when we feel hungry, we might actually be dehydrated. It’s important to stay mindful of our hydration levels and drink water regularly throughout the day, especially if we’re feeling hungry.

Caffeinated beverages can contribute to dehydration: While beverages like coffee, tea, and soda contain water, they can also have a diuretic effect, causing increased urine production and potentially leading to dehydration. If you consume caffeinated beverages, it’s important to balance them with adequate water intake to maintain hydration.

I suggest aiming for ½ of your bodyweight (measured in pounds) in ounces of pure water each day!  Drink up!


Pillar 3

Pillar 3 of Revitalize is macronutrient balance. I don’t like to pick favorites, but if I did, this would be my favorite!  We cover what macronutrients are, all about carbohydrates, all about protein, all about fat, why macronutrients are more important than calories, how to balance macronutrients using my VVFP formula instead of counting calories and weighing food, how to manage portion sizes, how to make room for “extras” that you love, and so much more!  But here’s your easy way to improve your health tip on macronutrient balance: Carbohydrates are not “bad”!  In fact, some foods rich in carbohydrates are some of the healthiest foods on the planet!  It’s all about the quality of the carbohydrates.  40 grams of carbohydrates from broccoli has a profoundly different impact on your body than 40 grams of white bread (and there’s a full spectrum in between!).  Did you know that when you eat too many overly refined grains (grains ground into a flour then baked into something else), you have a huge blood sugar and insulin response that leaves you feeling irritable, craving more food, and potentially storing more fat?  It’s not the carbohydrates – it’s the form of carbohydrates.

6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health

Pillar 4

Pillar 4 of Revitalize is meal planning and food prep. I know you’ve seen on Instagram how important this is to me!  In this pillar, we cover the benefits of meal planning (whether you want to prep or not), my 5-step process for meal planning and food prep, and so much more!  But here’s your easy way to improve your health tip on meal planning and food prep: Research has shown that people who meal prep are more likely to consume a nutrient-dense diet and have better control over portion sizes. We’re also more likely to have a higher intake of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains.

Meal prepping can also help with portion control. This is why, when I make a recipe that makes multiple servings, I determine portions based on protein count and always portion it out right away into evenly sized containers (I like this glass snapware).  By portioning out meals and snacks in advance, you are less likely to overeat or make impulsive food choices when hunger strikes.  And it’s so convenient to have a grab and go meal ready at all times!


Pillar 5

Pillar 5 of Revitalize is label reading. It’s so confusing when the store shelves are loaded with options that are marketed as healthy … how do we know which ones are “too good to be true”? in this pillar, we cover misleading information on labels, where to start when reading labels (it’s not what you think!), the ingredients to minimize and avoid, how to determine added sugar, total carbohydrates and net carbohydrates, what you can ignore when looking at labels, and so much more!  But here’s your easy way to improve your health tip on reading labels:

According to a study published in the journal Nutrients, packaged and processed foods accounted for more than 57% of the total energy intake in the American diet in 2021.  So, we’d better learn how to read labels!

Many people are talking about unhealthy oils these days, but most are still confused about which oils are unhealthy and which are better for you.  I know, it can be confusing!  Here are two rules of thumb: first, if it says “hydrogenated,” it’s not healthy.  Hydrogenated oils, also known as trans fats, have a longer shelf life and often have a desirable texture.  But trans fats negatively impact cholesterol levels and increase risk of heart disease. See this post for more on cholesterol.

The second rule of thumb is that fruit oils are generally healthier options than vegetable oils or seed oils.  This one can be confusing, because vegetables themselves are generally considered healthier!  But when it comes to oils, oils from fruits like olive, coconut, and avocado are generally the best.  See this post for more about cooking oils and what oil to use at what temperature.

6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health

Pillar 6

Pillar 6 of Revitalize is all about inflammatory foods. This is often a favorite of Revelers, because I take you through my 10-Day Reset protocol that has helped hundreds of people feel great!  In this pillar, we discuss what inflammation is and what causes it, why inflammation matters, which foods cause inflammation and why, the inflammation cup, gluten, dairy, alcohol, added sugar, processed foods, and more.  But here’s your easy way to improve your health tip on inflammatory foods:

Did you know that symptoms like fatigue, trouble sleeping, brain fog, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, puffiness in hands, face, feet, or abdomen, rashes, joint pain, headaches, and more can be attributed to inflammation?  But that inflammation is actually a HELPFUL process in our bodies?  This seems counterintuitive!

There are two types of inflammation: acute inflammation and chronic inflammation.  Acute inflammation occurs when you have a specific site in your body that is injured, like when you sprain your ankle.  Inflammation, which is technically made up of white blood cells, chemical mediators like cytokines, increased blood flow, and fluid accumulation, happens at the site of the injury (your ankle) and helps heal the damaged tissue.  This is great!  However, when our entire body is experiencing inflammation because of eating inflammatory foods, encountering too many toxins, undersleeping, overexercising, overstressing, or other factors, we experience these adverse symptoms.  So next time you are feeling any of these symptoms, ask yourself if you may have recently eaten more inflammatory foods than normal, and see what you can do to find other options!

Because this blog post is already so long, I’m stopping myself before moving onto the remaining pillars.  So you have a taste of what is to come if you join Revitalize, Pillar 7 is Special Events (like travel or social events), Pillar 8 is Timing of Nutrients (like snacking, intermittent fasting, and fueling workouts), Pillar 9 is Supplements (where we review over 40 popular supplements and I help you decide what’s best for you!), Pillar 10 is Sleep (including a fun experiment where you determine which factors have the biggest impact on your personal sleep), Pillar 11 is Stress Management (don’t we all need it!), and Pillar 12 is Emotional Eating and Self-Talk (one of the favorites!).  There is SO much information in this program!  Which leads me to …

Want more?  Revitalize is now more accessible than ever!

I hope you can tell from this blog post how passionate I am about the information included in Revitalize!  I put out a lot of information on the blog, podcast, social media, and more, but it’s tough to formulate it yourself into a step-by-step system to improve your health, and that’s where Revitalize comes in!

Over the past 2 years, Revitalize has helped SO many people improve their health in a fun, sustainable way.  And just last week, the cost of joining Revitalize was $1399 per year.  But, I’m feeling generous lately, and I really couldn’t stand the idea that money might be holding people back from changing their lives, so I decided to discount it.  And when I decide to do something, I generally go big.

So … I’m taking over $1,000 off the price of Revitalize.  That’s right, access to the Revitalize Health Accelerator is now only $299. Total.  That’s only 21% of what it cost just last week!  I know, I may be crazy, but I hope my craziness benefits YOU.

I’d love to have you join!  Just click the button below to join this amazing community and get started with Pillar 1 today!



Now it’s your turn!  Which of these 6 easy ways to improve your health are you willing to commit to this week?  Do you have any questions about Revitalize?

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