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It has been just over a month since I opened the doors of The Lyons’ Den, and the participants are absolutely loving the group health coaching program!  Not only have people created (and stuck to!) their meal plans, they have lost weight, felt more energized, restarted working out, ditched their sugar cravings, and so much more.  And now … YOU can try out The Lyons’ Den for just $9 for the first month, using the coupon code below!

The Lyons’ Den is a membership-based health transformation program, centering around two monthly webinars on must-know health topics guaranteed to inspire you to action and help you create the change you want for your health.  On each webinar, you get my best tips and tricks on the topic (ranging from “Conquering Your Sugar Cravings” to “Grab-and-Go Healthy Meals” to “Creating a Workout Plan to Help You Reach Your Goals”), and get your questions answered through a live Q&A.  All webinars are recorded, and when you join, you get access to a library of resources, including all previous webinars.

In addition to the webinars, you get plenty of support and accountability – from me as your leader, from our private Facebook group where you can get questions answered and find inspiration from your peers, and from your Accountability Partner (who I pair you with upon joining).

What Lyons’ Den Members Are Saying…

Here are a few of the many successes reported by current Lyons’ Den members in the first month:

  • “My sugar intake is way down, and I feel much less ‘foggy brain.’ I have also lost a few pounds as a result!”
  • “My water intake is vastly improved (thanks to the awesome Lyons’ Share water bottle!)”
  • “I used the meal planning worksheet to complete my Sunday food prep for the first time in years … and I loved having healthy meals ready to enjoy all week!”
  • “I love how I feel after working out, but I just haven’t made time for it in far too long.  Learning how to put together a schedule that was not overwhelming and gave me the most bang for my buck got me back on the wagon!”
  • “I can’t tell you how different I feel after using your sugar craving tips.  It wasn’t easy to break the cycle of sugar cravings, but once I did, I feel so much better!”

Lyons Den coupon code

If you’re ready to join us and start transforming YOUR health, sign up here, and use coupon code BLOG to get your first month for only $9!  Our first September call is TOMORROW (9/1/16), so you don’t want to miss signing up today!

Now it’s your turn… If you could pick one webinar topic, what would you pick?  Or, what is one thing you’ve achieved for your health lately?


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