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Hope.  A word that is so often absent from conversations about our health.  A word that is full of so much possibility, so much promise.  A concept that is free of charge, and available to anyone … yet so widely underused.

Many studies have shown the positive impact of hope and optimism on physical health outcomes in patient trials.  Some even go so far as to show lower mortality rates (especially from cardiovascular disease) for those who are optimistic about their health!

I believe that one of the greatest gifts I can give to my clients is the gift of hope.  Sure, I give them nutrition information, coaching on how to make changes, motivation to make the changes happen, and accountability to reach their goals.  But many people come to me just needing a bit of hope!  The person who has 70 pounds to lose and feels that she will never reach her goal … the person whose doctor told him he would have to take 4 pills per day for the rest of his life, no matter what he did … the mom who cooks 5 different meals every day for herself, her husband, and her 3 kids, because no one can agree on what to eat.  All of these people benefit from the hope that they can and will find a solution, and that is what I love to give them!

Because I feel so strongly about the value of hope, it was the central theme for a video I shot a few months ago highlighting my business.  I hope you enjoy viewing it below!

I want you to know that whatever challenge you are facing, giving yourself the gift of hope can only make things more bearable.  Is there anything you’re dealing with right now, that could be turned around by simply having hope?  Challenge yourself to believe it is possible … then go make it happen!

hope is stronger than fear

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choose hope anything is possible

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Now it’s your turn … What can you do right now to inject your life with a bit of hope?


  1. Lynne

    Awesome video there Megan. Hope you upload more videos in the future.

  2. Andy

    Hi Megan! Your message of hope is such a great message. And I agree, we don’t communicate it often enough or well enough in the fitness world. And that’s to our detriment, as researchers are starting to prove. I was reading about a study a couple of days ago about how being positive about exercising gets you even better physical and mental results from exercise. I haven’t found studies about being positive about food, but I bet on it that it would have the same results. Keep sending the message of hope to everyone around you. Cheers! 🙂


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