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Happy Motivation Monday!

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When I meet other health coaches, entrepreneurs, or anyone in similar industries, I always try to help them out.  I’m constantly connecting people to each other, talking to people about how to grow their own business, sharing my experience of transitioning from a corporate job to a health coach and entrepreneur, and when I get asked to do an event or workshop, I try to recommend others I know as well, so we can present together.

help others achieve their dreams

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It may seem counterintuitive, on the surface – if I am working to grow my own business, why wouldn’t I want to keep my own connections, tips, and event invitations to myself?

I don’t see it that way at all, though!  Rather than fighting to make your own “slice of pie” larger, why not expand the entire pie?  By helping to create business and opportunities for those around me, we can help more people, attract more focus to health and wellness, and both enjoy more success!  If the pie gets bigger, each of our slices gets bigger as well.

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So today, look for ways to help others and expand the pie.  Life isn’t about knocking each other down, it’s about building each other up.  And if we could all figure out a way to do that, what a happy place this world would be :).

Now it’s your turn … How will you expand the pie today?


  1. Bre @bumpandrunchat

    One of the things I love about the blogging world is that it’s a community of helping each other out. Bloggers recommending bloggers, sharing other posts with their readers, etc. Just today I read a post from a blogger thinking about quitting and several other bloggers told her not to. It’s a great practice and I think it just means you’re a better coach for knowing what will help your clients (even if it’s not you). Great job!

  2. Gary

    Meg: It took me 20+yrs of practicing law to come to the realization that I was truly a better lawyer and counselor to my clients if i could teach them how to react to and handle their own routine legal issues. While this education has allowed them to work through many of their own legal challenges and perhaps minimize my involvement, I have received too many accolades to count from grateful clients for taking the time early on to educate them. And still, when more complicated or sensitive legal issues arise which need a more thorough legal analysis and assistance, they will always reach out to me because of the trust we have established over the years. To increase the pie of knowledgeable people does not adversely affect the “real bottom line”. It will ultimately enhances people’s appreciation of you for the wisdom you have been willing to share with them. – Gary

  3. Michael Anderson

    Great post 🙂

    Running the local Komen 5K this weekend with my wife really opened me up to how much potential there is to grow the pie. Because of Lisa’s arthritis and joints we knew this would be a slow run/walk, which was fine by me … but was the first time I ever ran and didn’t go full out in a focused effort. So I enjoyed chatting and listening and observing others in that part of the race crowd. And for many it was the first time, many brought out for the charity, and there were many who had a great time.

    I just hope that many who have gotten out there, who realized that everyone is supportive and no one is going to laugh at you no matter what place you come, that they stick with it – walking, biking, whatever … and eating better and realizing it is all about moving and changing your mindset.

    So for me it is the fact that crossing the finish line with my wife was worth more than any time, pace or PR – and knowing she had a blast as well!

    Happy Monday!


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