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Happy Motivation Monday!  I’m in Florida with Kevin’s family for Christmas, and was *thisclose* to forgetting today’s post, but here I am!  (And by the way, Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law, Pat!)

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People have different attitudes towards food and “indulgence” at the holidays.  Some approach the holidays as a free-for-all, eating anything and everything just because they “can” … and others try to stick rigidly to their regular health routines (and then beat themselves up if they “mess up”).

no food guilt

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My approach is somewhere in between … I firmly believe in enjoying the things you really love at the holidays, especially if they only come around a few times per year.  But I don’t believe in forgetting about nutrition and health overall, or stuffing yourself until you feel miserable just because it’s a holiday.  I believe in focusing on family, relaxation, and the holiday, rather than stressing every moment about food.  Most importantly, I believe in having a holiday health plan … but then allowing yourself to release or flex the plan, depending on the situation.

change the plan but not the goal

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So, how do you make a plan?  I recommend choosing things that are important to you, and committing to make other healthy decisions to round out any unusual indulgences.  For example, if Aunt Sally is making her famously delicious cookies, go ahead and plan to enjoy a few of those, but limit the mindless snacking on candied nuts or mini pastries.  If you know you’ll be having a few drinks throughout the holidays, plan to alternate the alcohol with water.  If you know that dinner one night will be heavy, plan to have a few extra vegetables at lunch.  If you know that you’ll be sitting a lot on one day, why not fit in a workout the day before?  It’s all about balance, and fitting in health in a way that works for you.

Most importantly, if something doesn’t go to your plan, don’t let it ruin the holidays.  Just forgive yourself, breathe, and get right back on track.

life is too short to spend at war with yourself

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So tell me in the comments … What is YOUR plan for the holidays?


  1. Michael Anderson

    Love the post and agree with the labies above … it is about knowing your path, even if you wander off here or there.

    My thoughts these ast few years have focused on ‘intentional eating’. Eat what you choose to eat – whether it is Kale or cake. And own what you’ve had – don’t feel guilt, but also remember that the calendar is an artificial construct – cake on Christmas is no different than cake in August. I believe we should manage eating the same way … but this is more like having a dozen weddings and birthdays all piled across a week or so! 🙂

    Hope you guys have a great Christmas and happy new year!

    • Megan Lyons

      I love your concept of having a dozen weddings or birthdays all piled across a week!! I shared it with my family and will continue to remember this. Thank you!

  2. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    I love that diagram. Once a consultant, always a consultant. 😉 Have a wonderful holiday week!!!

  3. Susie @ SuzLyfe

    This is so like my Ceding Control post–I have this idea that the balance lies in keeping the “path” in sight, but not being afraid to explore a little bit 😀


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