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First and most importantly, I hope you are taking the time to think about, appreciate, and celebrate the wonderful mothers in your life – whether it is your own mother, wife, daughter, friend, mentor, whoever.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of them, and thank you for all that you do! all that I am or hope to be i owe to my angel mother

On a personal note, I consider myself so incredibly fortunate to have the most wonderful mother on the planet.  I’ll try not to get too sappy on you, but my mom has been my biggest supporter throughout my entire life, and I am so grateful for this.  My mom encourages me and supports me in everything I do – from being my ever-present cheerleader throughout school activities to being my very first “client” well before The Lyons’ Share even started.  I think often about how she spent several entire years of her life shuttling my sister around between our dozens of activities in middle school and high school, armed with under-appreciated, foil-wrapped, on-the-go breakfasts and dinners, encouraging comments, and big hugs.  She never made me feel guilty and always made me feel like I was doing the best I could do.  Mothers certainly do put up with a lot!  Of course, I can’t let Mother’s Day go without celebrating my mother-in-law, as well, who accepted me into her family just like her other kids, is always so supportive, and is the best hostess when we go visit.  Happy Mother’s Day to both of my moms! moms at wedding

OK, onto today’s real post … here are 7 Interesting Things I Read this Week.  Enjoy! 7 Interesting Things I Read This Week

7 Interesting Things I Read This Week

  1. Tips to start running to lose weight and avoid injuries: I’m partnering with Curejoy to create content for their site.  In my first interview with them, they asked about topics that I’ve talked about here before – why running doesn’t always mean losing weight, being cautious when beginning an exercise program, and the importance of bioindividuality.  You may enjoy seeing some of these messages in a Q&A format, though!  I also reframed my 7 tips for fitting in exercise with your kids in this Curejoy post.  If you haven’t visited Curejoy, check them out – it’s a great and fast-growing website that curates content from natural healthcare experts around the globe. 7-Tips-for-Busy-Mothers-to-Fit-In-Exercise-With-Your-Kids
  2. Organic food competition is driving down food prices: Michael sent this to me, saying it was “right up my alley,” and I agree!  Like I said to him, the fact that organic foods are becoming more affordable is amazing for the general consumer and will hopefully lead many more of us to purchasing organic (at least for the fruits and vegetables that really matter!).  Of course, I don’t know the economics behind it, but I worry that the organic farmers are being squeezed too much, and I hope that’s not the case! whole-food-organic-produce-section-press
  3. Statins cause serious issues for women: I have a huge issue with the over-prescription of statins in today’s world in general, and it’s impossible to explain my entire opinion in a few lines.  However, I think articles like this are important to help people realize that statins may not be the “miracle drug” they claim to be for every single person.  statins
  4. 7 ways to look great: Let me start by saying that I think you already look great!  I don’t like the title of this article because it implies you don’t look good now, but I love the focus on nutrition and how it is connected to looking and feeling your best.  This should serve as a reminder to get in those vitamins, healthy fats, and a whole lot of water! how-to-look-better
  5. How improving your health improves your bottom line: This may be my favorite article of the week – I love how the author considers fitness a critical part of his day and his life.   For me, exercise makes me feel better, have more energy, be more productive, and so much more, and I do what I can to fit it into even the busiest of days. 1399053471-going-distance-improving-health-improves-bottom-line-2
  6. Executives say walking during meetings leads to good decision-making: You know I’m a fan of standing as much as possible during the work day, and finding creative ways to fit in exercise where you can, so it should come as no surprise that I love reading about powerful executives who choose to host walking meetings.  I wish more business people would catch on to this – what a great idea! Obama-and-McDonough
  7. Multitasking can be inefficient and demoralizing: I am the epitome of a multitasked.  I literally never have fewer than 6 or 7 tabs open on my internet browser, I rarely finish a task before flipping over to another, and I very frequently get sidetracked by new emails or other interruptions.  Now, I also very rarely just “forget” a task or don’t get something done by the deadline, and I actually get quite a lot done, so I’ve always thought I was an efficient multitasker.  However, articles like this (from Kellogg, where I got my MBA!) have been popping up more and more frequently, and definitely make me re-think my analysis of myself! multitasking_final

So tell me in the comments … What mother would you like to thank today?  Which article was your favorite?  Are you a multitasker?


  1. Deborah Brooks @ Confessions of a Mother Runner

    #3 is really interesting about statin use in women. I haven’t finished reading all of the articles accompanying it but it does seem like everyone is on them. Hope you had a nice day today. Your wedding pic are beautiful.

  2. Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine

    That’s a great article you shared for CureJoy! There are definitely things I wish I knew when I started exercising.
    I am such a multi-tasker. I really can’t do one thing at a time. Sometimes it helps when I make a list and then I focus on getting the smaller things done and out of the way so I can focus on the bigger tasks. I hate having “down time” -like if my computer is loading something, rather than waiting I jump into doing something else. I know it makes me more frazzled and all over the place, but I can’t help it:)

    • Megan Lyons

      YES!!! I have never thought to describe it that way, but that’s it precisely – I just don’t like downtime! I’m never fully engrossed in a task and just happen to switch over, I only switch over when there’s idle time. It’s just not in my blood to sit there and wait for something to load. We’ll work on it together :).

  3. Karen

    Thanks Megan. Being your Mom is a true joy, such a privilege and an incredible blessing.
    I have loved every minute of “my job.” Love you forever, Mom.

    PS And I think it goes without even saying just how proud I am of you – you are amazing on so many many levels.

    • Megan Lyons

      Thank you, Mom. You are the best, and you know I appreciate your support and encouragement!

  4. Lauren

    What a beautiful picture of you & your mom! My parents were also my first (and best!) clients – they always listen to my health tips. Yes, I go overboard on open tabs as well…I have over 10 right now. This is something I’m always trying to work on – focusing on one thing at a time rather than checking email or getting distracted.

    • Megan Lyons

      Thank you, Lauren! I’m so glad to hear you’ve “worked with” your parents before, too. Everyone always says that is who you should NOT start with! I’m with you on trying to work on single-focused activity!

  5. Michael Anderson

    I’ll have to get back to all of the great reads for comments … but I just HAD to stop and say that I LOVE the pictures of you and your mom from your wedding – OH the feels 🙂

    • Megan Lyons

      Thank you, Michael! My mom is a pretty lady!

  6. Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    Wow those are beautiful wedding pictures of you and your mom! 🙂 Have a great Sunday Megan!


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