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Women's Hair Loss & Connection to Hormones, Stress, and Nutrition with Faraz Khan

Today’s post features a few key takeaways from a recent Wellness Your Way podcast interview.  Find the full episode here and be sure to subscribe to Wellness Your Way so you don’t miss future episodes!

Guest Bio: Faraz Khan

Faraz Khan is an anti-aging and hair expert. He hosts the popular Anti-Aging Hacks podcast. Faraz inherited hair thinning from his mother’s side of the family. His hair thinning started when he was a soccer athlete in college and led to years of anxiety, shame, and a loss of confidence. He tried hair growth vitamins, hair serums, and hair shampoos but nothing worked. He reluctantly got on a prescription drug, which didn’t fully stop his hair loss. Faraz decided that he wanted to use a natural solution without side effects. In his quest to find a way out of this heavy burden that life had placed on him, he traveled the world in search of experts and explored dozens of solutions. It was only after he combined the knowledge across hair loss, anti-aging, and wellness did he experience a renewed vitality with his hair.

Top Insights from Faraz Khan’s Interview

  1. The number one reason for hair thinning in women is hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalances are prevalent in women after the age of 35. ****This happens because estrogen and progesterone levels begin to fall but testosterone levels do not fall at the same rate, creating an imbalance.
  2. Stress is also a major factor in hair thinning. This includes both major and minor stresses. When the body is under major stress, it pulls resources to the core, vital organs for survival, and away from other body processes such as hair growth. Minor stresses add up over time and shorten the hair growth cycle.
  3. Typically hair loss will occur 2-3 months after a big traumatic event. If you start to lose hair all at once, it could be caused by a previous trauma or stressor. Sometimes people do not correlate hair loss to the previous event because it happened months before.
  4. There are 5 key nutrients that are important for hair health and growth. These nutrients include Iron, Zinc, Vitamin B12, Folate, and Vitamin D. Not getting enough of these can cause hair loss. Faraz recommends being in the middle of the range for these big 5
  5. If experiencing hair loss, touch and stimulation are beneficial. It may seem counterintuitive to touch your hair if it’s falling out but the more you touch and stimulate the hair follicles, the more circulation there is. Circulation brings in vitamins and nutrients which are important for the hair follicle
  6. Derma Rolling has been proven to help with hair regrowth. Multiple studies have found that by just using a Derma Roller and nothing else, people get 15% new hair growth. Derma Rolling causes tiny micro-injuries that activate growth factors and stem cells to remodel collagen and elastin in your scalp leading to hair growth.

Want to hear the full episode, including why hair loss is multifactorial, the important role stress plays in hair loss, how men and women deal with hair loss differently, and so much more?

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Head over here to catch the full episode with Faraz Khan!

Now it’s your turn!  What is one thing you learned from this interview?

Want to hear about this topic in audio format? → Check out the podcast episode here!

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