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Healthy Travel Snacks

I’m currently on my 6th (!) trip in the last 2 months … and this is the first one that is purely for vacation!  Ironically given the topic of this blog post, I’m not packing a ton for this trip, because I’m staying at a place that I know has healthy food that I love.  But I think we’ve all been in situations where we’re not in control of the food, and we’re hungry, and the only options available are Doritos, stale “not worth it” cookies, and subpar coffee.  Two particular situations that stand out as brutal, food-wise, to me are conferences and all-day sightseeing trips.  For these and similar situations, I load up on healthy options to be sure I never have to sacrifice feeling good!

I always get asked which travel snacks are best, how to know how much to bring, and how to stay healthy while traveling.  So, I’ve put several initial tips in this blog post, and then given you the full rundown of the specific brands of snacks that I prioritize because of their ingredients, healthfulness, and taste in the free pdf download that accompanies this.  Download that now and save it to your files so that you’re prepared for your next trip.  Enjoy!

Above all: HYDRATE!

  • Did you know that the average person loses 12 ounces of water per hour while in flight, just from breathing? That’s 48 ounces for a 4-hour flight, and that’s an extra requirement above and beyond what you regularly need.
  • If you feel constipated, bloated, or have swollen hands (your rings don’t fit) after traveling, you are almost certainly dehydrated, and drinking adequate water on the plane will fix this!
  • You’ll always see me with my reusable bottles (most airports have filtered water refill stations!) or buying at least 2 liters of water for each flight. I usually add electrolytes or greens powder (see below) to one bottle, and drink one plain.
  • If I get anything from the flight attendants’ carts, it’s a sparkling water – we do not want to dehydrate ourselves further with alcohol, coffee, or soda!

How to bring snacks through security:

  • All non-liquid snacks are permitted.
  • I keep them all together in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag, and I pull the bag out and put it in its own security bin. Although they say this is unnecessary, I do get stopped regularly if I do not pull it out, and have never had a problem if it’s pulled out.
  • All water bottles need to be empty prior to going through security.
  • I have heard (though I haven’t tried personally) that if you are bringing something semi-liquid, like yogurt, and freeze it beforehand, it will be fine.

How I think about packing snacks:

  • For each day of travel, regardless of where, I bring my supplements, and one packet each of the following: coffee, collagen, electrolytes, pre-workout, greens powder. See the list of healthy snacks in the pdf download below for my specific recommendations!
  • If travel will take up the whole day and I won’t be having regular meals, I add 2 protein snacks and 1 healthy fat snack, which is enough to tide me over in the absence of a meal. See the list of healthy snacks in the pdf download below for my specific recommendations (or see “another option” below!).
  • If I’ll be at a conference, a sightseeing destination that’s active, or any other place without regular meals that I’m excited to eat, I’ll add: 1 protein snack, 1 healthy fat snack, and 1 treat per day. See the list of healthy snacks in the free pdf download below for my specific recommendations! I may not eat all of these, but I like to have filling options on hand in case I choose to use them as a meal or to tide me over for a longer time between meals.

Once I get to destination: If I’ll be at a conference or any other place without regular meals that I’m excited to eat, I’ll hit the grocery store close to arrival.  I’ll generally buy:

  • Yogurt, berries, and nuts for breakfast. I don’t do a ton of dairy, but these are easy-to-find options that I know work for me on the road.
  • Non-dairy coffee creamer. In a pinch, I’ll use my collagen only, but I prefer to have Nutpods or another non-dairy creamer if I can find it!
  • Salad greens, one other veggie (like cherry tomatoes or mini peppers), protein (like smoked salmon, cleaner deli turkey, or baked chicken), and healthier dressing so I can throw together a quick lunch

Another option: I’ve recently experimented with fasting on travel mornings.  Traveling is tough enough on our digestion as is, and requiring our digestive system to work overtime while in a pressurized airplane cabin can wreak further havoc.  On one recent trip, I did a gentle workout in the morning on coffee and water only, drank plenty of water all throughout travel, and grabbed a salad upon landing in my new destination.  I felt great and plan to do this more often!

Ready to stock up in preparation for your next trip?
Get Megan’s favorite healthy snacks – with specific brands – in this free pdf!

Now it’s your turn: How do you approach travel snacks?  Do you have a particular favorite thing to bring?



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