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quick health hacksWhether it’s back to school (as a student, teacher, or parent), heading into the last quarter of the year and trying to meet work deadlines, or just regular life, now is the time of year when people tend to start feeling more frantic and busy.  Often times, that means putting health goals on the back burner, but you do not have to do that!  We all have 168 hours in the week, and we’re all busy … but we DO have time for what we prioritize.  And if you can improve your health in 1 minute or less, isn’t that a no-brainer?  You’ve been giving such great feedback on our “Three Minute Thursday” Instagram posts (check them out here and give us a follow!) that today, we’re taking it to the next level.  All of these quick health hacks can be done in one minute or less.  You do have a minute.  Let’s go!

10 Things to Do For Your Health in 1 Minute or Less

  1. Be Grateful. The benefits of gratitude are huge, and cover everything from better sleep to improved immune function, from lower rates of depression to better relationships. Jot down as many things as possible in one minute, and I know you’ll be smiling by the end.  Want to take it to the next level?  I practice gratitude every morninghere’s my morning routine!quick health hacks
  2. Plank. Holding a plank is one of the best ways to strengthen all parts of your core, which leads to improved posture, increased overall strength, less back pain, and more! On your forearms or your hands, your choice!  Can you make the entire minute?
  3. Breathe. Most of us forego deep breathing during a stressful day, and the shallow, upper-chest breathing we usually use is enough to survive … but not to thrive.  Deep breathing stimulates blood flow and circulation, increases your energy (because of freshly oxygenated blood traveling through your body), reduces inflammation, decreases stress, improves digestion, and so much more!  Set a timer for a minute, and focus on taking super deep breaths, so that you feel your belly move in and out.  Ahh!
  4. Drink a glass of water. I firmly believe that one of the best things most of us can do for our health at any given time is to hydrate.  Did you know that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated?  Learn more here, and drink up!
  5. Laugh. Did you know that laughter instantly reduces physical tension and stress by triggering a release of endorphins (“feel good hormones”), boosts your immune system, and even burns calories? Watch a funny YouTube clip, think of a favorite joke or memory, or if all else fails, check out this funny video below 😂quick health hacks
  6. Connect. Physical touch releases oxytocin, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, and makes you feel great, so reach out and give someone a hug or high five. Not a hugger?  Send a text message to someone you love wishing them a great day!
  7. Stretch your neck and shoulders. Most of us carry tension in our neck and shoulders, and forget to release it all throughout the day. You may be amazed at how great it feels to release that tension!  Do some gentle neck rolls, press your head gently towards each shoulder, and shrug your shoulders then drop them. Want more?  Check these out!
  8. Look away from the screen. Eye fatigue is a real thing, and most of us are constantly connected to our devices. Not only can this cause issues over time, but daily eye strain makes you feel more tired and can even dampen your mood.  Take a look outside (or better yet, step outside for a minute!) or shut your eyes to give them a quick rest.
  9. Get upside down. Did you know that inverting your body has huge health benefits, like improved circulation, better skin, better digestion, and more? Practice a handstand (use the wall if you need!), or if that’s a bit too much, just try to lower your head below your knees while sitting down.quick health hacks
  10. Pump yourself up. I firmly believe in the power of affirmations (those are part of my morning routine, too!).  When we feel good about ourselves, we are more likely to take action towards our goals (and have a better mood while doing so!).  Consciously focusing on the positive is a great way to combat the incessant negative voice that lives in many of our heads.  If you feel intimidated by the word “affirmation,” just think about giving yourself a one-minute pep talk.  You can do it! 😊

Want a bonus tip? You can sign up for my 10-Day Reset in 1 minute or less!  This proven program has helped hundreds of people feel their best.  Reduce inflammatory foods, get rid of bloating, feel your energy skyrocket, and ditch your cravings.  You’ll have all the resources and support you need to get through this program successfully.  Sign-ups end September 3, 2018!  Join us here!

Now it’s your turn … Have any quick health hacks to add to the list?  What’s your favorite one from my list?


  1. Alex

    Thanks a lot, Megan!

    The times are faster than ever and people desperately need quick solutions for their healthy lifestyle. This article is extremely valuable!

    My favorite ones are expressing gratitude, stretching, and drinking water (sorry, couldn’t pick one 🙂

    I would add two cool tips: 1. Eat a fresh fruit/veggie 2. When you take a minute to look away from the screen, use it to do eye-palming and short eye exercises.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Megan Lyons

      As always, great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Karen

    I admire your discipline to do every single one of these every single day.
    I’ve got 5 in my day – working toward the last half now. Thanks for reminder.

    • Megan Lyons

      I don’t do every one of these every day :). They are just options to throw in when you have a minute! But I do at least some of them each day, and I’m proud of you for doing that, too!



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